Friday, July 22, 2016

The Big Broadcast of 1937


So glad to see these old movies preserved. "Thanks for the Memory!"

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Great Shot!
Nannette sent this photo. Nice photo!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fadette Photo Outtakes

I took this photo, above, almost 9 years ago, on my carpeted stairs. Notice how washed out it looks, but I do like the angle of the shot.

 I took the following 14 photos yesterday to illustrate that you're going to need to take a lot of photos to get just a few good ones. This was not a good spot to take photos. It's too bright so it washes out her features, plus I'm not too crazy about the color of the background for her.

 Here's another photo in the same spot. Not very flattering.

 I changed the color of the background, but the lighting is still wrong; too dark.

 This is the same area. You can see shadows. Not a good spot. But, I do like the background color.

 I changed walls in the same room, and I think this is so much better, but still, not the greatest photo because I'm using my phone. But, you can at least see what a difference a background, angle of shot, and lighting can do to make a better photo of your doll.

It is important to note that the time of day, and even the time of year, makes a difference. You will probably have to switch rooms or take photos at certain times of the day.

 I really do like the background color - good thing, too, since I live with it on my wall all day! You'll also notice that, depending on the lighting, the wall color changes in each photo.

 This photo isn't too bad.

 This is not a flattering angle at all. Remember the Lenci Zulema photo? This angle was good for her, but it does nothing for this Fadette. Like I mentioned before, they're a lot like people; not all are photogenic, and they have a best side. Also, not all people look good in the same colored background. The same goes for these dolls.

 Her hair is pretty wild. This is my favorite doll. I've had her for years! Compare this photo to the one I took on the stairs 9 years ago. A colored background makes a big difference!

 This photo isn't too bad.

 This photo isn't too bad.

 This angle does not flatter this doll. But, it's good for showing her facial details.

Although, I like this angle, the lighting isn't good.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Topic #3 - Photographing Art Dolls, Capturing Their Spirit - Photographing Dolls for Sale

When taking photos of your dolls to sell, it’s important to take at least one closeup of her face, a shot from the waist up and a photo of the entire doll. 

Focus on the doll, not the background. That, too, is why I prefer plain backgrounds as there is nothing photobombing the doll. (Never thought I’d ever use that expression, ha, ha)

Speaking of which, you can see who is my #1 photobomber.


1929 Pittsburgh Mrs. E A Weisser With Doll Named Ooglesnops

Topic #3 - Photographing Art Dolls, Capturing Their Spirit - The Dolls on Pinterest
 I found all of these photos on Pinterest. Notice that all have plain or simple backgrounds. The German half doll, above, was photographed on her left side instead of straight on because her head is turned.
 This German half doll has a turned head, too, but the photographer chose to take the shot, showing her right side of her face - probably her "best" side. It also shows off her hand muff.
 Although, this photo does not show off the half doll's face, it does, with the blurred background of flowers and a cupid, give the viewer a sense of romance.
This is a great photo! The Lenci boy looks so real. Great idea to add a stuffed dog (Steiff?) and columns in the background that give a feel of being downtown in a big city like at a museum or library or courthouse.
 This Lenci doll has a vintage, romantic feel to it as the photo is almost monochromatic with just a hint of color of the felt flower and the doll's hair.
 Not sure if this Lenci's head is naturally down-tilted, but she appears to be looking to her lower left.
 The angle of this shot of the Lafitte Desirat wax figure makes her look like she's walking.
I don't think I need to say anything about this photo; it speaks for itself! Fabulous!

Topic #3 - Photographing Art Dolls, Capturing Their Spirit - The Dolls


As mentioned before, I like angles. This applies to photos too. You can affect the look of the doll by changing the angle of the shot. Lighting makes a difference too, influencing the mood of the photo. 

Because these dolls have their own “souls,” each one will photograph in a different way. What I’ve noticed is the doll, like people, have a “better” side. What I do is shoot at different angles as well as angle their heads, arms, legs and torso if they can be adjusted, and I take lots of photos. Sometimes, when I have a photogenic doll, I take too many so it’s hard to go through and pick the best ones!

Like models, some dolls are “naturals.” Here are some photos – you can decide which ones have Clara Bow’s “It” or not.

 Lenci Fadette - notice the natural attitude of the doll, but turning her head and putting her hand on her hip makes a difference.

 Lenci Fadette - I angled this shot just a bit instead of posing the doll.

 German Apache - I think this photo could have been much better if it had a plain background with just the doll at the table.

 Blossom - This is an old photo I took about 10 years ago! Notice how she is slightly tilted, giving her a more flirty look.

French Les Poupees Pierrette - I photographed these dolls, shooting slightly up, giving the "mini-me" Pierrot more attention. He looks like he's about to fight anyone that comes near, sort of a Ninja Pierrot?

 French Smoker - I took this photo, aiming up. Since this was taken on the stairs, I could easily position myself below the doll.

 Lenci Zulema - I did the same here, aimed up, giving her a haughty look.

 German Pin Cushion - even this pin cushion has expression. I took this photo, aiming at a slight angle so her side glancing eyes were obviously flirty.

 Alma - Attitude doesn't begin to describe this doll!

 Jane - I posed this doll slightly forward to give her head a more tilted appearance.

 Lenci Mimi - This photo, too, could have been better had I angled better and had a plainer background.

I'm going to have to take better pictures of Mimi. She screams attitude, and I need to show that better.

 Sardeau Rudolph Valentino and Natcha Rambova - Mineralava Beauty Contest - These dolls are fabulous! I'd love to pose them dancing.....

 Lenci Fadette - I need to take newer photos of this doll. She's faded and needs a brighter background.

"Big Face" Anita or Anita-type - love this doll! She deserves a better photo.