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French Suede-Faced Boudoir Dolls

Super nice suede-faced all cloth boudoir doll! Click the photo, above, to access eBay auction info.
Unusual version of suede-faced boudoir doll with burgundy hair. Tagged Made in France. Both dolls have colorful eyepaint.
Click the photo, above, to access eBay auction info.

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Memorial Day

This is about the guys that didn't come home......

Great Face! Composition/Cloth Boudoir Doll

LOVE the vibrant face paint on this super, tagged 1927 composition/cloth boudoir doll!

Flapper Drawing

Drawing of a Flapper, Artist Gaston ? Click the link to access eBay auction.

Drawing of 1920's Lady/Flapper

I can't read the artist name, "Gaston"?, but this is FABULOUS! Click the photo to access eBay auction.

Etta Boudoir Doll - Tagged

This all cloth boudoir doll is tagged Etta New York. Click on the photo to view eBay auction.

We've Done This Before

Strangely, this photo is not from 1918, but it's a photo that was used for an on-line article about the 1918 Spanish flu (click photo for article)......anyway, the stats of that pandemic put things in perspective. Notice how these two flappers just covered their mouths and not their noses?
Pandemics are nothing new. We've done this before, many times throughout history. Take reasonable precautions. I don't know about you, but I don't even like being around anyone with the common cold or flu!
Stay safe, People!

This is a 1918 photo of two ladies who did cover their noses (click photo to access Pinterest)