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Hats Off! Three Cheers!

This hat stand may have once been a cheer stick. See previous blog posts of other cheer sticks, including a photo of Corinne Marsh and her cheer stick:

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This sleep eyed boudoir doll has one of the prettiest faces and expression I've seen in a long while. She has composition "bent knees." She is tagged "Novelty Curtain, Draperies, Bedspreads & Novelty Pillow Industry" and is dated "1933" and "NIRA" (National Industrial Recovery Association) that was created to lessen the impact of the Great Depression.

Hang in There!

This is a super nice boudoir doll clothes hanger!

Mistaken Identity

This all original boudoir doll is described as an Etta, however, it is really a Blossom. Whoever got this doll, check for a tag. It should be attached to her body. Lovely doll!


I love the look of this smoker. She has real attitude!
She has a tag, dated May 10, 192?

Folding Car?!

I wonder why this never caught on?

Japanese French Boudoir Doll?

This is a puzzle - She is referred to as a French doll, but came from Japan.......