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Lenci Spanish Dancer

This is a Lenci Spanish Dancer boudoir doll in fabulous condition!

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Wax Russian Dancer Ornament

This is an doll ornament of a Russian dancer. She has a wax head and wears her original costume. She has a loop on back for hanging.

Rosalinde in Disguise

This is a French Rosalinde boudoir doll. You may not recognize her, at first glance, but the shape of her face and her chamois soles on her cloth, sewn-on shoes are a giveaway.

French Store Mannequin Display

This is a French Mannequin Store Display being sold on eBay from France.

German Boudoir Doll Head

This is a super nice German boudoir doll head. Click the photo to access the eBay listing.

Sleepy Time Gal

This is a super nice sleep eyed boudoir doll, wearing her original outfit. 
Glass-eyed and sleep-eyed boudoir dolls are not readily found - until lately - I've seen quite a few selling on eBay this past month. This one is one of the best I've seen lately.

Lilli Baitz "Hator" Half Doll

This is a unique Lilli Baitz half doll. She is named Hator. I've included another doll like this one.

This Lilli Baitz Hator still has her original headdress. I love it!