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In the Navy.....

Isn't this amazing!? I believe the doll is a Sterling. How great that there is an actual photo with original owner, dated 1936. 

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Half Dolls in 18th Century Costumes

Fantastic pair of half dolls, made into 17" dolls, dressed in 18th Century costumes! This couple is being sold on eBay from the Netherlands.

Wm Gluckin & Company Boudoir Doll Face

Super nice Gluckin Face! These faces can be found as dolls, pillows, and other boudoir doll novelty items.

Store Display

This flapper store display appears to have had some "eyeliner" added to it. But, maybe, the new owner can fix that?

Fabulous Bust or Store Display

The base is chalkware and probably the whole bust is made of this material. Looks like a store display?

Mini Yarn Doll

This mini yarn doll is described as a man, how, I wondering if that's true, because it looks like it has a flapper hairstyle?