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Lilli Baitz Half Doll - Marked Nora

Lilli Baitz - Nora
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Tagged Blossom Doll Company Boudoir Doll

Here's a nice boudoir doll, tagged Blossom Doll Company. She wears her original and fabulous gown!

Unusual Apache?

This is a rare find. French or German cloth boudoir doll, dressed in an Apache-inspired outfit and has a monacle. It's nice to see there are still some interesting and rare dolls out there!

Papier Mache Mannequin Bust

This is a very unusual mannequin/bust. I once had a boudoir doll with a similar appearance. Very rare, and very interesting.

Cloth Boudoir Doll

Love this boudoir doll! She is described as French. Not sure if the doll is tagged, but she is beautifully dressed. She's gorgeous!

Dolls for Sale

These three dolls are listed for sale on my web site, as well as JxB heads and a Lenci calendar and hand-puppets. Click the photos to access the web site. Any questions, you can contact me from the site.

Pierrette in Blue