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I love the look of this smoker. She has real attitude!
She has a tag, dated May 10, 192?
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Folding Car?!

I wonder why this never caught on?

Japanese French Boudoir Doll?

This is a puzzle - She is referred to as a French doll, but came from Japan.......

All Composition Smoker "Cubeb" "Charleston Girl" "Felt Doll"

Love this all composition smoker! This smoker boudoir doll wears a similar felt pantsuit like the Lenci Fadettes. Original ads describe this doll as "Charleston Girl" and "Felt Doll." Collectors call these dolls "Cubeb." In almost 18 years, I've never seen an ad, calling these dolls "Cubeb," but the name sticks with these smokers.

Wax Half Doll

Here is a nice wax half doll. She has nice face paint and wig. I think she has survived pretty good all these years. 

Lenci Spanish Dancer

This is a Lenci Spanish Dancer boudoir doll in fabulous condition!

Wax Russian Dancer Ornament

This is an doll ornament of a Russian dancer. She has a wax head and wears her original costume. She has a loop on back for hanging.