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Happy New Year!

Click the photo, above, to hear the Fred Rich Radio Orchestra - Auld Lang Syne

1922 Theatre Magazine Article

I found this article in a 1922 Theatre Magazine awhile back and thought I had it posted already. It must have been on my old web site, so here it is again.

French Postcard

French "Sparkle"

These French boudoir dolls have glitter on their heads and shoes. They have strung arms for posing.

The Charleston

Click the photo, above, to hear "Charleston, South Carolina" Performed by Lovie Austin and Her Blues Serenaders, Vocal by Priscilla Stewart - 1924

Click the photo, above, to hear "Just Wait 'til You See My Baby Do the Charleston" Performed by Clarence Williams Blues Five - 1925

Click on the photo, above, to hear "Charleston Mad" Performed by Lovie Austin and Her Blues Serenaders, Vocal by Priscilla Stewart - 1924

The Tango

Click on the photo, above, to hear "Schenk Mir Eine Tafel Schokolade" ("Give Me a Bar of Chocolate") tango.

Click on the photo, above, to hear "Tchernye Glaza" ("Black Eyes") Performed by Pjotr Leschenko

Click the photo, above, to hear "Tango Français" ("French Tango") Sung by Lucienne Boyer.

Christmas in Connecticut - Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan


From Me to You

Christmas Lights

Poem from Ladies Home Journal, 1926 - The New "Emancipation" - by Agnes Monks Hunter

Margaret Morris - Trimming Christmas Tree - 1930s

Margaret Morris, 1930s (this photo is on eBay - click the photo to view auction)

Art Imitates Life - Boudoir Doll Look-A-Likes

I used to create collages of boudoir dolls that I thought resembled either a drawing or a real person. I think it's time to do that again. The doll is a Lenci, catalog #192, made in 1925. She has since lost her dress, and a previous owner, a long time ago, added a red silk scarf on her and possibly the mauve-ish netting. The catalog photo shows how she once appeared. Matching photos are Pola Negri, Lillian Harvey and an actress that I'm not sure about - maybe Lillian Roth? from "Paramount on Parade," 1930. If someone knows for sure, I'd appreciate the info.

Homer Conant

Santa Baby

French Gerb's Boudoir Doll, nicely trimmed for Christmas.

Sleepy Time Gals - Encore

Here is a larger photo of the "Sleepy Time Gals" (click on the photo to enlarge). You can see the three "Turnhead" boudoir dolls better. Below is a Turnhead like the ones in the photo. A previous owner added the vintage metallic lace headscarf:

Sleepy Time Gals

Click on the Christmas card, from the female band "Sleepy Time Gals,"to hear the song "Sleepy Time Gal" performed by Art Landry Orchestra, 1925. The boudoir dolls in the photo are what collectors call Turnheads. The dolls' heads can tilt and turn which makes them able to pose.

The Stereotypical Bed Doll

Rosalinde - 1924 Ladies Home Journal

Thanks to Sue, and special thanks to Sue's husband, for photographing this page from a 1924 Ladies' Home Journal. Although, this page does not refer to these dolls by name, these are French Rosalinde.

German Musical Boudoir Doll - 5 Second Videos

The videos, below, are only 5 seconds. These were taken a few years ago so the camera wasn't as advanced as they are now. Poor lighting, but you can hear the music box.

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

I believe this doll is German-made. More likely dressed in Pierrot costume, he resembles an elf.

Lenci - 1980's - You can hang this doll like a wreath

This rare and unusual doll is German-made and musical. I will see if I can get a vid uploaded of her music box. As you can see, she's supposed to be singing and holds a song book. Cool doll!

This doll could be German, but is believed to be French. She has chamois hands. Her tunic skirt and sleeves are shear with rows of ribbon.

This doll, dressed in a "candy cane" riding costume, is tagged "Souvenir de Paris" "La Poupee Flore", "Bois de Boulogne" - it doesn't get any more French than that.....I love tagged dolls. Pretty much leaves out the guesswork....

This boudoir doll has a composition head and cloth body. Her red outfit with white puffs is fairly new, but suits her quite well. She has a silk floss wig.

These two pairs of Pierrot/Pierrette Half Dolls are very festive looking so I thought…

Franciska Gaal - 1938

I don't know about you, but I think we really do have it easier as far as Christmas shopping is concerned. Ever since the Internet, you can now shop in your PJs.....oops, gave away my secret........

Buster's Gals?

Buster Brown Promo Ad Boudoir Dolls - Photography and Caption by Sue's husband, Mike. Thanks for providing us with cool photos and comical captions!

Christmas Decorations - Casino de Paris Style

'20s Sung in the '60s

I am listening to the Beatles White Album tonight, and I completely forgot about this 20's style song, sung by Paul.

I found a cool YouTube vid, using this song and 1920's film. Check out 1:38 (a guy dancing with a doll):

One Arabian Night - Pola Negri

French Boudoir Doll

Keeping A Respectful Distance

Sitting Pretty

eBay Auction - 6 CDs of Antique/Vintage Photos

Click the photo, above, to view the auction.

French "Boudoir Dolls"