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You Look Familiar

What I have done for years is match photos to dolls. When I found this old photo of an unknown model (she signed her photo - it looks like Lahore?), I had to have it. If anyone knows who this Vamp is, I'd appreciate knowing.

She reminded me of these two dolls. Even the criss-cross rhinestone trim matches the doll in Jenny's photo. The doll was made by The Blossom Doll Company. She came undressed, but Jenny added a robe made of vintage fabric and the head trim.

The wax-headed doll came to me undressed and missing her right arm. The only original part of her outfit surviving are one of her shoes, her earrings, and a broken necklace. I added an old boudoir doll outfit made of velvet, marabou, with satiny pants. I also added all of those 1920's faux pearl necklaces on her. She still has only one arm, but she's a super cool doll.

"Manslaughter" - Killer Photo

I got this old photo today from the 1922 film "Manslaughter,"
starring Leatrice Joy. Notice how the doll's left arm is around the seasoned Flapper's neck.

What is also cool, but maybe not clearly visible is Leatrice's cigarette holder is twisted, as I suspect both characters are in the film.

I'll have to see if this film is available.

"The Man Who Laughs" - 1929

I just finished watching "The Man Who Laughs," a 1929 film (silent, yet has sound effects), starring Conrad Veidt, Mary Philbin, and Olga Baclanova. Excellent film! Starts out very dark and rather disturbing, but is a great film.

Billie Dove's Hobby

I got this photo today of Billie Dove, holding a French boudoir doll.

The caption on the back reads, "Billie Dove's hobby is the collection of character dolls. The beautiful First National star is shown here with her latest acquisition - a French peasant doll."

The Wedding Trio

More fantastic dolls that belong to a friend of mine.

They appear in the popular doll book "The Magic & Romance of Art Dolls." The book states these dolls are French made and measure 29".

VERY RARE original dolls!


In searching Petrushka, I came across this YouTube performance:

After seeing a photo of Nijinksky in the Petrushka costume and seeing the costume in this modern version, I don't think that doll matches at all.

I would love to get other opinions, so if you have an idea of who this doll represents, I'd be interested in knowing.

The Suede Prince!

This incredible, rare guy is made of chamois. He's been dubbed "The Suede Prince." The object of his desires is an all composition "Cubeb" smoker boudoir doll. There are several opinions of who he might be, including Vaslav Nijinsky, a Russian dancer in the role of Petrushka. When I see these photos, I see a Genie wanting to grant more than three wishes to his sweetheart. Notice his tears.......

A Great Pair!

The male boudoir doll is made of plaster and wears a colonial costume. Unknown who is his maker. The female doll is a French Rosalinde. She's dressed in her original metallic lace. Super cool dolls and very rare.

French Boudoir Doll with Blue Silk Floss Hair

This is an unusual French boudoir doll. Her hair is made of blue silk floss. Jenny added the cool velvet turban and wrapped matching lace around her.

Boudoir Dolls in Film - 1937 - "Women of Glamour"

Here is another photo I got today. I love to find old photos with boudoir dolls in them. You can find quite a few boudoir dolls in movies from the 1920/30's. This one is dated 1937. The film is called "Women of Glamour" and stars Virginia Bruce and Melvyn Douglas. I also included a closeup scan of one of the dolls.

Photo - 1925 - Rudolph Valentino, Gertrude Olmstead - "Cobra"

I just got this photo today. It's from a scene from the 1925 film "Cobra," starring Rudolph Valentino and Gertrude Olmstead.
This is a cool Lenci. I don't know anything about her yet. I will have to check my books to see if I can find anything about her. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate some info.

Dolls That Remind Me of Old Film Characters & Actors

Lenci 1925 "Mara" #165/1

These are dolls made by Lenci in 1925, and they measure about 28".

Lenci 1924/25 #187 Russian Dancer Maruska

This is a tagged Lenci "Maruska" Russian Dancer doll. She's large, about 40"

Rudolph Valentino - The Eagle

"The Eagle" is one of my favorite Valentino films. The photo of him with the tiger is not part of the film, but was taken during the making of it.

Pola Negri Sings "Old Russsian Romance" - 1931

Click on Pola Negri's Photos to hear her sing.

French Rosalinde & Matching Photos

Actress Photos - Dolores del Rio, Billie Dove, and Nazimova.

Russian Themed Dolls

Russian Tango - 1929 "Tango Magnolia"

Russian Boudoir Doll - eBay Auction

Dolls That Remind Me of Old Film Characters & Actors

The first thing I thought of when I saw this film was this doll. I included her musical partner as well:

Iwan Mosjunik - Russian Silent Film Star - Bio

I love Iwan Mosjunik's face. He was a Russian silent film star, and then Hollywood got a hold of him. Click his Bio to read what Hollywood did to his face and his career:

All Caught Up with the Blog Posts!

Wheew! I finally got everything off my web site and onto this Blog. I'm all caught up.

Thanks to Dawn for making the suggestion. You don't know if something will work until you try it. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear about it.

Here is Dawn's Blog:

Blogs from My Web Site - Pierrots Gone Bad?

Pierrots Gone Bad? These Pierrots look a little rough. I got this photo from France. I couldn't pass it up - these guys just don't seem the Pierrot types - what characters. Speaking of character, Lenci made some of the best Pierrots. Their expressions are classic.

Blogs from My Web Site - Movie Photo - eBay Auction - Pierrot Costume

Cool photo! Click on it to access the eBay auction:

Blogs from My Web Site - More Pierrot Dolls

Dolls shown are German wax half doll heads, French cloth
wearing his original silk costume, French JxB heads, a closer shot of the wax doll, and a cloth doll, wearing his silk velvet costume with a great painted face. All nice examples of Pierrots. The Pierrot with the tiny mandolin is for sale in my shop.

Blogs from My Web Site - Dolls Imitate Life

I got this photo from France. Some of these old photos are
the best, aren't they? You wonder what the occasion was and who these people were.

I love the wax doll I put above the photo. He has human hair and wears his original costume. I do not know his origin. But, when it comes to half dolls, I prefer the wax ones. They're so real looking. I have some other wax dolls, made like him, that I will share in a future post. This guy is made to sit on something with his legs dangling.

Below the photo are a Blossom, that probably had a hat originally, a small Lenci with a great expression, and a French doll that is wearing her original silk polka-dotted costume. I've had her for awhile, and she is one of my favorite dolls.

Blogs from My Web Site - More Pierrot Dolls

I love this May 1922 Theater Magazine cover. Inside it, I found an article that discusses the early craze of boudoir dolls. I will share that article in the future, so stay tuned!

Blogs from My Web Site - Louise Brooks, Pandora's Box

When I saw this film with Louise Brooks called "Pandora's Box," I thought this large, French cloth boudoir doll looked like the painting.

Blogs from My Web Site - More Pierrot Dolls

Blogs from My Web Site - Monsieur Beaucaire

More photos, including clips from "Monsieur Beaucaire"
(Valentino) 1924.

Blogs from My Web Site - Jazz Bands in Pierrot Costumes

As you can see, Pierrot costumes were big during this era. Even Jazz bands dressed in costume. Click on the photos to hear these two bands.

Side Note: The Melody Boys play "The Sheik" 1919, two years before Valentino's film "The Sheik" became a big hit and the term "Sheik" was widely used for guys in the same way "Vamp" was used for women.

The Ten Knights play "My Man Rocks Me" 1924. So, I only count eight Knights in this photo?

Blogs from My Web Site - Gertrude Lawrence Photo, Parisian Pierrot

Here is another photo I just found of Gertrude Lawrence, singing "Parisian Pierrot" from the 1923 stage show "London Calling." If I can find this song, I'll include it.

Blogs from My Web Site - Gertrude Lawrence, Pierrot Dolls

Here are more dolls. Pictured are English actress, Gertrude Lawrence, holding a Pierrot head, a French doll head, a German wax over chalk/compo half doll, a French Rosalinde, and another German wax over chalk or compo half doll.

Blogs from My Web Site - Boudoir Dolls Dressed in Pierrot Costumes

Here are some boudoir dolls, dressed in costume. Left to right
are "Anita," French Gerb's, Blossom (sadly, her vintage costume has since been replaced), Lenci, Lenci, Cloth (possibly Unique Novelty or American Stuffed Novelty), French, French, and JxB (French).

Blogs from My Web Site - eBay Auctions - Photos of People Dressed in Pierrot Costume

Click on the photo to see the eBay auction for that photo.

Click on the photo to see the eBay auction for that photo.