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Blogs from My Web Site - Raquel Meller

Raquel Meller - Most of you probably do not know who she is. I never heard of her myself until, once again, I acquired a doll made by Lenci, made in 192x, that is a portrait doll of the Spanish actress/singer.


  1. Hello
    I am the author of the Raquel´s video that you post. I made an espectacle about her life, you can see it in my blog.
    Very nice blog but i have to tell you something
    the girl of tehe photo is her sister Tina Meller.
    Thank you. the doll is amazing.

  2. Thank you for the information. Are you referring to the painting or the postcard? The postcard says Raquel Meller, but the painting is unsigned. It is posted throughout the Internet as Raquel. So, this is an Internet-wide error?

    Thanks, again, for you comments. Very nice video!

  3. Dear Frau:
    You may rest assured that "the girl in the photo" is indeed Raquel Meller. It is strange that Mr. Perez, who is an authority on Meller, would make such a mistake.


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