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Welcome to Frau Wulf's Weekly Boudoir Doll Blog

I started a blog on my web site, a couple of weeks ago, basically chisel and stoning my way. I'm going to see how this site works and will attempt to transfer the information here.

For those who have followed my blog on my web site, you will see the same stuff until I catch up, but I will continue my blog at both sites until I can decide which one works best for me.


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Half Dolls

Here are photos of some outstanding half dolls - Linda Goddard, owner of Guilty Pleasures.

Sugar Bowl - note that her skirt serves as a spoon holder.

Powder Boxes

Candy Box

Collar Box

Candy Box

Candy Box

She Just Needs a Little Love

This super French boudoir doll needs a little repair, but she's fabulous!

Thaïs by Demetre Chiparus

Thaïs by Demetre Chiparus