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Blogs from My Web Site - Boudoir Dolls - Film Stars

One thing I've noticed is that boudoir dolls keep showing up, in one form or another during this time. You'll notice the dolls' style, their appearance and their physical "involvement" in film. Whether it be as movie set props, photo props, or in the case of "Cytherea," the subject of the movie itself, boudoir dolls are used. And, it apparently was quite the "in" thing for movie stars to have their own dolls, resembling characters they portrayed. That is why you'll see a lot of what I post here related in some way. At some point, I will share an old Theatre Magazine article, dated 1922, that I have that specifically discusses the early boudoir doll craze and its theater star origin.

I will post a photo, if I have one, of dolls that remind me of a particular actor, wear a similar style costume, or just make me think of a real person that appears in an old photo.

The female doll I listed with the "Monsieur Beaucaire" photos is a Lenci, an Italian company, and I believe the male is French made.


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