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You Look Familiar

What I have done for years is match photos to dolls. When I found this old photo of an unknown model (she signed her photo - it looks like Lahore?), I had to have it. If anyone knows who this Vamp is, I'd appreciate knowing.

She reminded me of these two dolls. Even the criss-cross rhinestone trim matches the doll in Jenny's photo. The doll was made by The Blossom Doll Company. She came undressed, but Jenny added a robe made of vintage fabric and the head trim.

The wax-headed doll came to me undressed and missing her right arm. The only original part of her outfit surviving are one of her shoes, her earrings, and a broken necklace. I added an old boudoir doll outfit made of velvet, marabou, with satiny pants. I also added all of those 1920's faux pearl necklaces on her. She still has only one arm, but she's a super cool doll.


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