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This particular doll appears in the September 1994 Doll Reader Magazine on Page 63, in an article called "Cloth Boudoirs." The article describes him as a"17 inch cotton sateen Mexican gentleman, also with ears, has black velvet hair, embroidered moustache and painted features. His cloth body has stitched fingers, separate thumbs and firmly stuffed well-shaped legs with wood and leather formed boots, well made as is the entire costume of leather and felt."He is every bit of that, except his actual size is about 15".

My First "Anita"

I LOVE this doll! She the first "Anita" that I got when I first started collecting boudoir dolls. Not sure she really was made by the Anita Novelty Company, but collectors pretty much call these type of dolls Anita. Anyway, she's got great face paint and a red mohair wig. I sold her a few years ago, and she traveled a bit before she returned to me. I think she's going to stay with me for a little while.

More eBay Auctions

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Postcard Lot - 3 Photos of Silent Film Actors - Lloyd Hughes, Walter Woods, et al.

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8 Postcard Series - French Wax Figures - Half Doll-Related. Click on the photo to view auction.

Large Rice Paper & Bamboo Wood Asian Umbrella - Click on the photo to view the auction.

2 Sets - German Silver Plate Flatware in their original boxes - one marked BSF 90 Platura & the other marked Bader 90 - click the photo to view auction.

Encore - Inna Zubkovskaya

This doll reminded Margie of the ballet dancer, Inna Zubkovskaya. Click on the photo, above, to view Inna Zubkovskaya's bio. Thanks for the photo, Margie!

French Gerb's Boudoir Doll

French Poupees Gerb's

Presenting Our Next Performer.......

This unusual boudoir doll is very large, measuring over 40" and wears an exotic costume. She has individual fingers. Her head appears French-made, however, she is untagged. She looks like some sort of dancer or other performer.

Tag, You're French!

Double-Tagged French Cloth Boudoir Doll, Wearing Elaborate Lace, Faux Pearl & Beaded Dress

I love it when a doll is tagged, and this doll has two; on her neck and her dress.

Speaking of Yola.....

While we're on the subject of Yola d'Avril, when I saw this photo of her, it reminded me of this French Rosalinde boudoir doll.

So, This is Paris - or Not?

Yola d'Avril, So This is Paris

I have these two photos of Yola d'Avril, holding
German smoker boudoir dolls. Both reference a movie "So This is Paris" - I looked it up, and I can't find that movie that she supposedly was in. So, I wonder if they renamed the movie?

German Smokers

She's a Sheik?

1927 Film "She's a Sheik" starring Bebe Daniels (boudoir doll is French). What I find interesting is this film was released one year after Rudolph Valentino died (he died during the release of his film "Son of the Sheik").

The French boudoir doll may be one-of-a-kind as it may have received a homemade costume, but it is as old as the doll so is original to the doll.

New eBay Listings - Yeah, I'm Auctioning More Stuff

1930/40's Lenci Mexican Boy Lingerie Bag

Black Feathered Brimmed Hat, Tagged Modes by Mildred's

Georgene Averill Dolls - Dutch Pair

Lounging Around

Unusual Pierrette style boudoir doll, possibly made by JxB.

Flocked head, cloth body, wearing vintage lounging outfit

Auction Plug Time - French Boudoir Doll

1930's French Lady Boudoir Doll

Auction Plug Time

Pair of Merle Framed Prints - Flapper & Dandy

1940/50's Oval Framed Pictures Gypsy Children, Boy & Girl - Click on the photo to view the eBay auction.

Rio Rita Encore

Music Sheet for Rio Rita and Bebe Daniels, who starred in Rio Rita.

Click the photos, above, to hear the 1929 Colonial Club Orchestra version of Rio Rita medley.

Click the photo, below, to hear more of the 1929 Colonial Club Orchestra's Rio Rita medley.

Laugh, Clown, Laugh

This French all-cloth beauty is all original, has vibrant face paint, and despite the tattered velvety limbs and beaded midriff, is fabulous! There's nothing better than an original doll, even if she's not "perfect." She's as close to perfect as far as I am concerned.

French Import

French Boudoir Doll - This is one of my favorites that I got from France. She's wearing her original outfit that I believe was pink, but has faded to beige.

Lenci Fadette

French? There are Clues

When I bought this cute guy, I was told that even though the label on his boot was French, it was only the name of the store, not necessarily the maker. Does anyone know anything about him? He has a felt head and wears felt with leather boots and gloves. Below, is a mark on the back of his neck. Maybe, this will help.

Tagged Blossom

This is an interesting Blossom. In addition to "Blossom Doll Co. Inc. New York City, her tag reads "NRA member", "We do our part" NRA stands for National Recovery Act. This dates the doll around 1933. Click on NRA to link to a Wikipedia explanation.

Finally, She Shows Us More Cool Dolls - ReVisited

As promised, here is how the music box sounds on this German musical boudoir doll. The song is Rio Rita. Click on the arrow, below, to play the video. Click on the doll photo, above, to hear the 1927 version of the song, performed by The Haring Society Nightclub Orchestra.

Walk Like An Egyptian

Tagged French Chamois Faced Cloth Boudoir Doll. Made by Aladin.

Boudoir Doll Book Marks

Aren't these the coolest? I'd love to see one of these bookmarks.