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Jewel in the Rough

Sometimes, you find things for sale that interest you, but you're not really sure what it is you'll be getting until it arrives. It's so exciting to find out that it was a wise thing to take a chance on it.

When I found this doll, from England, she appeared as pictured above and below; a funky wig and what appeared to be a cape.

I removed the wig that was way too big, not to the era, and was stuffed with felt in order for it to stay on her head. She was now bald, but when I noticed that the cape had a weird puffy area that just didn't seem right for a cape and didn't fit around her shoulders properly, I realized that the size of that gathered area coincidentally was the size of her head. So, I thought, let's see how it looks. Oh wow! It was a perfect fit. And, it looked great on her.

I added rhinestone trim around her head and neck.

I am not sure of the maker. I'm leaning toward the English company, Alpha Farnell. If anyone knows for sure, I'd love to hear from you.

She reminds me of Jetta Goudal in a similar costume.


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