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Tagged Blossom

This is an interesting Blossom. In addition to "Blossom Doll Co. Inc. New York City, her tag reads "NRA member", "We do our part" NRA stands for National Recovery Act. This dates the doll around 1933. Click on NRA to link to a Wikipedia explanation.


  1. Hello. I recently purchased a doll similar to this one in that her slip was tagged "NRA member" as well. I was told it was a blossom child doll, but since receiving her, I am not so sure because her limbs are skinny. Most of the blossom child dolls I have found have more 'bulk' to their limbs. May I send you a photo of her to get a second opinion? Sincerely, blondiesbest.

  2. Yes, send me a photo. I'd love to see the doll.

  3. I don't know how to send a photo this way...I tried to copy and paste photo, but it did not to blogging! I have posted her on my blondiesbest blog. Maybe you could view it there? Thank you for responding to my message.

  4. I cannot find your blog. For some reason, it's not showing up on your profile. What is the URL to your blog?

  5. Please try
    You should be able to find my blog now. Thank you.


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