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What's in a Name

Wanda Lyon - Picture Play 1925 - I could not find an on-line bio on her.

These dolls were sold under various names - "The Parisienne," (Konroe Merchants - 1924) "Charleston Girl," "Silk Pajama Girl," (Manhattan Novelty & Gifts) and "Boudoir Doll," (Mutual Novelty Corp - 1927) but collectors refer to them as "Cubeb".

I have yet to see an ad for Cubeb cigarettes, showing one of these dolls, however, the story that's gone around for as long as I've been collecting is these dolls were used to promote Cubeb cigarettes - myth? rumor?

If anyone has an ad for Cubeb cigarettes with these boudoir dolls as their spokesman, I'd love to see it.


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