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At Auction - eBay

Keeneye Boudoir Doll with Original Shipping Box - Click on photo to view auction

French "Gypsy" Boudoir Doll - Exotic Costume - Click on photo to view auction.

Tagged Lenci Clown Marionette - Click on photo to view auction.

Composition Gerlings - Identified

I guess this just about confirms the double eyeliner=Gerling theory.

Ziegfeld Follies - 1923

Isn't this the coolest photo? They look like boudoir dolls.

Flapper Doll Ads

This Doll Too?

"Big Business Girl" - 1931 Loretta Young, Joan Blondell, Frank Albertson

On left is the Molly O'Day photo (lower right hand corner of photo), and the film, above. Same doll?

Same Doll?

Molly O'Day, 1928

"Hard to Get" - 1929, Dorothy Mackaill

All Cloth Boduoir Doll

A Flower Fairy Photographic Faux "Paw"

The Music of the 1920's, 1930's

As part of my interest in boudoir dolls, I also love the movies and the music of that era, both foreign and domestic. Although, I do have some samples posted in this blog, I do have a web site that you can go to:

Frau Wulf's Web Site

Once you've entered the site, go to the photo of the theatre and click on it. It will take you to other parts of my web site, including a section of some music. I need to add more to it, and I will, as time permits.

Composition/Cloth "Anita" Smoker Boudoir Doll

This doll has been in my collection about seven years! Instead of cloth limbs, she has chamois "gloves" and leather "boots". I love her!

Lenci - Marcello Dudovich

Marcello Dudovich was an print artist that used Lenci dolls in some of his poster creations. Here is one example of a postcard.

Photographic Evidence

I love finding photos like this one. Not only do we get to see how the dolls looked originally, we also can date them. I believe some of these dolls were made in 1927, but 1925 at least gives us a general idea. What is also nice about this photo is it shows how these dolls were displayed. You will notice that the undressed dolls were left undressed and displayed as they are. I have included, below, closeup photos of the dolls.

This looks like an all cloth American Stuffed Novelty or Unique Novelty Doll. I think Bloom may have made dolls like this as well. If anyone knows who made that doll, I'd love for someone to add a comment.

I thought that the doll on the right was a Lenci Fadette, however, I think it's an Alma. Anyone else have an opinion? The smaller dolls look German-made. The doll in the middle could be a Bloom? And, could the doll on the left be Gerb's?? I would love your input.

Well, I wonder if this one is French?

This is an interesting one. French?

This is a neat-lo…

Two More Boudoir Dolls at Auction on eBay

French JxB Boudoir Doll Dressed in Spanish Costume.

French Minstrel/Troubadour Boudoir Doll

More Boudoir Dolls on eBay!

Rare Chinese Couple Boudoir Dolls, Wearing Elaborate Chinese Costumes. Click on the photo to view auction.

Cloth Boudoir Doll - Dutch Girl - Betty Boop Expression. Click on the photo to view auction.

Wax Faced Boudoir Doll

I LOVE this one! Is she French? Her face is wax, she has silk floss hair and a cloth body. Sadly, her original costume has disappeared, as well as her right arm, but Sue felt so sorry for this beauty, she made her a new arm (Thanks Sue!). All that remains are a pair of green glass earrings and matching necklace that is barely hanging in there. I added the numerous vintage faux pearl necklaces and the marabou-trimmed pant outfit. She is missing her right shoe too. I wonder if something happened to her that caused the right arm and right shoe to come off........she doesn't want to talk about it so we'll just leave it at that.

More Lenci Ladies

The original dress for this lovely lady has long since disappeared. I'd love to know what she looked like. I added the pearls.

I do not know anything about this Lenci lady. I have never found a catalog photo of her. If anyone knows her catalog # or has a photo of a doll like her, I'd love to see it.

Beautiful Lenci Ladies

I don't know much about this doll, but she's been referred to as "The Lady of the Garden."

This doll has been referred to as Madame Pompadour, however, I do not believe she is. If anyone knows about this doll, I'd appreciate knowing.
THIS is a Lenci Pompadour!


Lenci, 1929, Catalog # 568

Lenci, 1927, Catalog # 561 - "Carmen"
The "background prop" was an expected, yet unwanted addition.

I added the shawl, fruit (thanks, Sue), and I added the basket, hair comb and necklace.

More Almas

Hey! What About the Italians?

This doll is an Alma, an Italian maker that compares, in quality, to Lenci. Isn't she cute?