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A 1931 Boudoir Doll Song!

I am so excited! Today, I found a 1931 German song about boudoir dolls! The title of the song is "Ich Hab' Ein Divanpuppchen", sung by Marcel Klass, performed by Fred Marley Tanz Orchester.

I have listened to it a few times, and it's always hard for me to know what is being sung. I am not fluent in German, however, I do know enough to understand bits and pieces, but when it's a song, it's more challenging. I will have to listen to this a few more times to get more of what is being sung.

So far, it's "I have a pretty, sweet boudoir doll exactly like you. She wears little gold shoes, exactly like you"...... then all I understand is "nice white" and "eyes closed, exactly like you". He sings so fast, I just can't understand if he's saying leg or small (beine, kleine) or clothes or small (kleidung, kleine). So, you see the problem. They sound similar when sung to me.

Click on the photo to hear the song.


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