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Ich Küsse Ihre Hand, Madame - The Movie

Ich Küsse Ihre Hand, Madame - 1929 - Marlene Dietrich, Harry Liedtke

This silent film has German subtitles. I wish they'd make this available for purchase. It is a really cute movie. I was able to see it on YouTube before it was removed. It is now on YouTube, again, however the music put with it is just horrible, weird and inappropriate for this film. The one I was lucky to see had the original score performed live during the film. It was fantastic!

I checked my files, and good news! I have part of the film with the original music, so check it out, below. It happens to be the scene with the boudoir dolls.

What is going on in this scene is the Count (who is a waiter) is mistaken for her boyfriend, Mr. Percy. She is expecting Mr. Percy so thinks the Count is him (she never looked behind her 'til after he kissed her - at her request). The real Mr. Percy has his butler call her on the phone to tell her he won't be showing up, and will be away a long time, which she totally gets the real meaning - he's breaking their relationship. She throws a fit. Her maid, thinking that Count Lerski is Mr. Percy, calls him back and he obliges. What he was doing at her place was returning her divorce papers that he found in a taxi. That is where they first encountered each other which is a whole other story in itself.

What happens next, as you can see at the end of this scene, they are very attracted to each other, and they fall in love. But, she finds out he's a waiter and believes he lied to her about being a Count. So, she humiliates him at the restaurant where he works and gets him fired. But, then she finds out he really has a Count title, and wasn't lying, and tries to get him back. She goes to the hotel where he is now working. That's more than I should reveal about this movie. But, it's a delightful silent film.


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