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Photographic Evidence

I love finding photos like this one. Not only do we get to see how the dolls looked originally, we also can date them. I believe some of these dolls were made in 1927, but 1925 at least gives us a general idea. What is also nice about this photo is it shows how these dolls were displayed. You will notice that the undressed dolls were left undressed and displayed as they are. I have included, below, closeup photos of the dolls.

This looks like an all cloth American Stuffed Novelty or Unique Novelty Doll. I think Bloom may have made dolls like this as well. If anyone knows who made that doll, I'd love for someone to add a comment.

I thought that the doll on the right was a Lenci Fadette, however, I think it's an Alma. Anyone else have an opinion? The smaller dolls look German-made. The doll in the middle could be a Bloom? And, could the doll on the left be Gerb's?? I would love your input.

Well, I wonder if this one is French?

This is an interesting one. French?

This is a neat-looking pillow. I've never seen any lately, have you? If anyone has one like it, I'd love to see a photo.

This doll is a Lenci Opium Smoker.


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