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Pola Negri - Femme Fatale

Click on the photo, above, to read her bio.

.......from the film "The Charmer" - 1925 - Click on the photo, above, to view a web site dedicated to her.

Pola Negri was not only an actress, but a singer. She had a sexy, deep voice.

Valentino mentioned "that voice" to a reporter-friend of his. The reporter asked him why he just doesn't end the relationship with her. Pola apparently was very possessive and jealous. Valentino said Pola was like "the Falls of Niagra" and she would "erupt like
Mount Vesuvius." He tried to resist her, but in "that voice" and with those eyes, she'd look at him and say "Kiss me, Rudy." I guess that was all it took.

Click on the photo, above, to hear Pola Negri sing, in French, Paradis - 1933.


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