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More Masked Rosalinde Photos

Masked Rosalinde - RePost for Halloween

This is a French Rosalinde. She appears in the book, "Magic & Romance of Art Dolls." Because Rosalindes' costumes were made of silk, it is very rare to find them in their original costumes. As is the case with this particular one, her silk costume is gone. It used to be a shocking pink (you can see bits of it in her closeup). However, the lace armlets, silk velvet headdress, with the attached faux pearls, underskirts, stockings, as well as a chamois sole of her silk shoes are all that remains.

Issues With New Web Host Service

Because my web host service has changed, it has affected a lot of my links. It will take a lot of time, but I'll be working on correcting the errors.

I was told I would have to do nothing, and all my files would remain the same - well, that didn't happen......very upset, but will have to roll up my sleeves and start reVAMPing all my web sites and links.

New Look to My Web Sites

I have several web sites that used to have a different format to them; they had several pages with photos, videos and music - well, my server changed their service, and I don't know if all my files are permanently gone or not. I've emailed them.

In the meantime, you will notice a new design and format. It's not what I want, and the design choices are very modern. So, I'm going to experiment. You'll be seeing changes as time permits. It takes a lot of time to get it a certain way.

But, I am adding pages that will contain photos, video, and music.

My web sites are:

And, the new web site that came with the new service is:

I also have the following web sites linked to my Ruby Lane Shop:

I'm going to have to re-think all of this.......

Flapper Accessories

Dark Shadows

This is definitely going to date me. I couldn't wait to get home from school so I could watch Dark Shadows - we could not set a timer to record nor was there Beta, VHS, DVD or TiVo. You either saw the show that day or you'd have to wait, as I have, 40 years to watch it on DVD.........and, I must say, I enjoy it just as much as I did back then.

This show is what got me interested in cylinder phonographs and antiques, in general, as well as the desire to one day own an antique shop. It's amazing to me that a Gothic soap opera could have such an influence on me, and yet, it did. Weird.

French Boudoir Doll in Spanish-Inspired Costume


In keeping with the season, here is an adorable French Venus doll posing with scary pumpkins. She's looking a little worried.

What's that on the bed?

Can you tell what kind of boudoir doll is sitting on the bed? I had no idea until I scanned the 4.5" x 2.5" photo to 600dpi and was able to see a closeup of the doll. Click on the photo for the answer.

French Gerb's Boudoir Doll - Dressed in Halloween Colors

Tagged 'Les Poupees "Pierrette" 96 Rue des Gardes Paris, Made in France'

New Arrival - French JxB Pierrette Extraordinaire!

Harry Houdini's Voice on Cylinder Record - 1914

Harry Houdini - Magician, Escape Artist, Stuntman, Actor, Historian, Film Producer, Pilot and Paranormal Skeptic.

Click on his photo to hear his recorded voice on cylinder record in 1914. Click on Harry Houdini to view his bio. He died on Halloween, 1926.

Photo - Virginia Grey - 1927

Me & My Gal - 1932 - Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett

Notice the celluloid hands on this boudoir doll.

Bachelor Mother - 1939 - David Niven, Ginger Rogers

French, French and French

French postcard with French lady holding French boudoir doll

New Arrival - Flapper Smoker Boudoir Doll

I just got this doll today, and I'm just thrilled with her! She came to me without a cigarette, so I added one for her, but the surprise I got was that she had hair hidden under her cloche hat. I pulled the strands of red mohair forward and voila!, she's now a redheaded flapper, puffing away at her cigarette! Isn't she adorable?

Flocked Faced Boudoir Doll in Halloween Costume

Just in Time for Halloween

Very unusual-looking boudoir doll. I believe the orange tassels were added by a previous owner. Below, is how she looked before I tucked pieces of mohair under her hat.

Baubles, Bangles and Beads

Halloween Flapper and Her Look-a-Like Boudoir Doll

I was so excited about finding this photo. Notice her costume - pumpkins. And the doll is wearing an outfit with the same fabric. They're all ready for Halloween!

This photo was taken by Arlington Studio, 394 Boylston Street, Boston Massachusetts.

Masked Rosalinde - 1924

Wax Mannequins of the 1920's

"Safety Last" 1923, Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

Click on the photo, above, to view a link to a web page all about mannequins. There's some interesting information there, particularly Chapter II - Tracing Mannequin History.

Girl Shy - 1924 - Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston

Girl Shy - 1924, Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston

Pumpkin Girl - Revisited

I had made a post back in August (click on photo, above, to view original post), suggesting that this doll might be Norah Wellings. Sue feels it's French. I think she's right. The green silk hair and the feet shaped like shoes are very similar to French Gerb's. However, the doll seems to have a GrePoir type looking face. If anyone has any information about this doll, I would love to know about it.

Spending Saturday Night on the Couch

Rare German Boudoir Doll - BLUE hair!

Old Photo - Boudoir Doll on Piano

This is a cool find - the photo appears to be professionally photographed, but I do not see a photographer name on it. The photo is matted. It was too large to scan the whole thing so I scanned just the photo. Below, is a closeup of the doll.

Last of the eBay Auctions

French Boudoir Doll - Unusually Made - Beautiful Face and Hair - Click on the Photo to view auction.

Composition/Cloth Boudoir Doll in Blue Pantsuit with Marabou Trim

Possible South American-Made Latin Male Gypsy Doll