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Apache Smokers - Revisited

I found a tag on these dolls that dates them to 1933. They were once owned by a Mrs. Lillian Byrd. No information on their maker, but at least we have a date and former owner.

Is it Christmas yet?

Hard to believe we're about to enter the Christmas season already. Here is a song by Mae Questel, "I Want You for Christmas" - 1937. Click here to hear the song.

Wax Over Chalk Vamp

Pilgrim Boudoir Doll

Lupe Velez, Boudoir Doll Collector

Giving Thanks

So, this is the week where we reflect on the things for which we are thankful. At this moment, I'm thankful that I won't be eating a rubber chicken for Thanksgiving.......

Movie Stars & Their Boudoir Dolls

Betty Balfour & Her Cloth Boudoir Doll - from Vienna?

Joan Crawford & Her Cloth Boudoir Dolls - 1927 Picture Play Magazine

Joyce Johnson, Dancer, & Her French Boudoir Doll

Dorothy Sebastian & Her Lenci Boudoir Doll

Corinne Griffith & Her Boudoir Half Doll


Apache Smokers

I believe these dolls are German-made. Their heads look very much like the composition/cloth "Anita" dolls that boudoir doll collectors recognize. This brings up yet another mystery of who actually made the composition heads for these dolls or if the German-made dolls were the model for the American-made "Anita" dolls.

French Pipe Smoker

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

The guy in the middle has a wax head with glass eyes. The head is removable from base which is made of chalk. The dolls are Lenci Fadette smoker (the blond in pink pantsuit, the blond in red pantsuit and the brunette in pink pantsuit), French in red, WKS/Keeneye type in light blue, Lenci Raquel Meller in blue dress with yellow hat, Lenci lady in black lace stockings, and an all cloth ASN/UND type in blue/black Asian style pantsuit. ASN=American Stuffed Novelty, UND=Unique Novelty Doll - the smiling doll on the floor is French and the dress was my mother-in-law's wedding dress from the late 1930s/early 1940's.

Tagged Munecas Pages Madrid & Tagged Lenci #163

Lenci Valentino 1927 & Tagged Lenci from 1931 catalog

My Rudy Shrine

Bucilla Kit

Bucilla Kit - Double Tagged

This is an interesting version - Her dress looks like the typical Bucilla Kit and the doll resembles the Sterling, however, she has two tags on her; one that reads "PM&B Co", and "Holzwasser San Diego, Cal" (California). Was this doll purchased separately from the Bucilla kit?

Bucilla Kit - Another Example

Sterling Doll Company? Bucilla Kit Boudoir Doll

Here's a Bucilla Kit doll that resembles the tagged Sterling in the previous blog entry. She wears the typical Bucilla kit outfit. Her hat is made from the same material. Usually, I've seen these dolls wearing a stiff netted hat.

Bucilla Kit - Sterling Doll Company - Mystery Solved?

Now, here is something of a mystery. The bottom photo is a tagged Sterling Doll Company doll, however, they've been known to be found in a Bucilla kit, containing dress pattern, fabric, hat, stockings and shoes. Did Sterling provide the dolls for the Bucilla kit?

More Cubebs

Cubebs - All Composition Smokers

Not sure how these dolls ended up being called "Cubebs" by collectors because I have yet to have found these dolls being used as advertisement for Cubeb cigarettes, but supposedly, these dolls were used to promote that brand of cigarettes to Flappers. If anyone has an ad, I'd appreciate an email.

However, I have seen these dolls referred to as "La Parisienne" "Charleston Girl" "Silk Pajama Girl" and "Boudoir Doll" in advertisements.

As you can see by these photos, these dolls had different head molds. They also had different arm and feet molds. I'm sure there were other differences, depending on the maker.

I just listed a Cubeb for sale in my shop. Click the photo, below, to view:

On Display

French Suede/Cloth Jointed WWI-Era Boudoir Doll

This doll is quite interesting because she has a Flapper appearance to her yet is believed to have been made during World War I. Her face and shoulder/breast area are made of chamois (suede). She has stitched facial features. She even has stitched nipples on her breasts. She is jointed with metal buttons that read "Depose Paris." It is unknown whether she had an outfit on or if she originally came undressed for ladies to dress.I have seen three of these dolls, and they all have been undressed or dressed in newer outfits.

This is how the doll was when she arrived - in very bad shape, very dirty and leaking sawdust. Bubble wrap had to be underneath her while taking photos.

"Depose Paris"

Here is another photo of her before she was cleaned up and repaired. Notice how the suede on her chest is badly damaged.

She is so much cleaner now, and she no longer leaks. Thanks to Sue for her restoration of this very rare doll. I can't wait to see what outfit she makes for her.