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French Suede/Cloth Jointed WWI-Era Boudoir Doll

This doll is quite interesting because she has a Flapper appearance to her yet is believed to have been made during World War I. Her face and shoulder/breast area are made of chamois (suede). She has stitched facial features. She even has stitched nipples on her breasts. She is jointed with metal buttons that read "Depose Paris." It is unknown whether she had an outfit on or if she originally came undressed for ladies to dress. I have seen three of these dolls, and they all have been undressed or dressed in newer outfits.

This is how the doll was when she arrived - in very bad shape, very dirty and leaking sawdust. Bubble wrap had to be underneath her while taking photos.

"Depose Paris"

Here is another photo of her before she was cleaned up and repaired. Notice how the suede on her chest is badly damaged.

She is so much cleaner now, and she no longer leaks. Thanks to Sue for her restoration of this very rare doll. I can't wait to see what outfit she makes for her.


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