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Marlene Dietrich - Blond Women

This is a partial re-post - I've added a newly-found English version of
"Nimm Dich in Acht vor Blonden Frauen" (Beware of Blond Women) - It's simply called "Blond Women." Click on the photo, above, to hear the English version.

The German version is below.

This photo is also an old postcard, given to me by a fellow boudoir doll collector. Click on this photo to hear Marlene Dietrich sing (in German) "Nimm Dich in Acht vor Blonden Frauen" (Rough translation "Beware of Blonde Women").

Lyrics with English version:

Nimm dich in Acht vor blonden Frauen.
Sie haben so etwas Gewisses!
Ist ihnen nicht gleich anzuschauen
aber irgend etwas ist es!
Ein kleines Blickgeplänkel sei erlaubt dir!
Doch denke immer: Achtung vor dem Raubtier.
Nimm dich in acht vor blonden Frauen,
die haben so etwas gewisses!

You'll try in vain, you can't explain
The charming, alarming blond women.
They fascinate, they captivate.
Beware the amazing blond women.
Be careful when you meet a sweet blond stranger.
You may not know it, but you're reaching danger.
You'll try in vain, you can't explain
The charming, alarming blond women.


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