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Photos I Found in My Stack of Stuff

I'm working on reducing the tons of photos I have on my computer, and came across these - thought I'd share them with you.

Lenci Portrait (Memorial) Doll of Rudolph Valentino in his "Son of the Sheik" Costume, French Gerb's Boudoir Doll, Cloth Faced Coin Purse, Lenci Boudoir Doll Head Calendar, Lenci Apache Hand Puppet, Kronthal Manufacturing German-Made Hat Stand, Unknown Maker Felt Male Doll in Equestrian Outfit.

Composition/Cloth "Big Face", Lenci Beau Brummel #174, Lenci Pierrot

French Pierrette, Wax Pierrot, Cloth Pierrot, Lenci Pierrot

Composition/Cloth "Anita"

French & Italian (Lenci) Pierrots


  1. oh, you have the most amazing collection I've ever seen! I'm sensing a compulsion to collect as well. Where did you get them from? xoxo.

  2. Thank you! I mostly find these dolls on-line.


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