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Art Imitates Life - Boudoir Doll Look-A-Likes

I used to create collages of boudoir dolls that I thought resembled either a drawing or a real person. I think it's time to do that again. The doll is a Lenci, catalog #192, made in 1925. She has since lost her dress, and a previous owner, a long time ago, added a red silk scarf on her and possibly the mauve-ish netting. The catalog photo shows how she once appeared. Matching photos are Pola Negri, Lillian Harvey and an actress that I'm not sure about - maybe Lillian Roth? from "Paramount on Parade," 1930. If someone knows for sure, I'd appreciate the info.


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Unfortunately, this YouTube film clip has the wrong music and repeats scenes and has scenes out of context so it doesn't represent the movie correctly. The Coney Island part of this movie, the way it originally was, was great! You might want to rent the DVD - Netflix has it. Anyway, boudoir doll starts at 3:54.........

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