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French "Sparkle"

These French boudoir dolls have glitter on their heads and shoes. They have strung arms for posing.


  1. Love, love, love these glitter head dolls. I have only seen them online. They appear to be rather large, are they? Always wondered!

  2. Hey Linda,
    In this house, there is always one thing nobody can find, and today its the tape measure. However, I would confidently say my sparkle doll is well over three feet tall. Her legs are super long, and the upper part of them, to the undefined 'knee' is the only cloth part of her. The rest is a bisque? She's fragile, so I don't move her around much, and her face is just lovely. Other than her orange silk pants, she has a silk velvet lounge jacket, made from an old dress, and an Egyptian Revival necklace on, with a topaz colored stone. She's been a favorite for a few years now.

  3. Thanks for the info. I remember these dolls being a really nice size. I believe the one you have is marked "Made in France" along the lower back, where the bisque (or whatever)ends and the cloth begins. I haven't learned yet how to identify some of these materials. It could be composition, whatever.

    I will post more photos of these dolls.

  4. Just as I suspected! Utterly fabulous. Thank you for delighting my inquisitive mind!


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