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Looking a Lot Like Christmas

I believe this doll is German-made. More likely dressed in Pierrot costume, he resembles an elf.

Lenci - 1980's - You can hang this doll like a wreath

This rare and unusual doll is German-made and musical. I will see if I can get a vid uploaded of her music box. As you can see, she's supposed to be singing and holds a song book. Cool doll!

This doll could be German, but is believed to be French. She has chamois hands. Her tunic skirt and sleeves are shear with rows of ribbon.

This doll, dressed in a "candy cane" riding costume, is tagged "Souvenir de Paris" "La Poupee Flore", "Bois de Boulogne" - it doesn't get any more French than that.....I love tagged dolls. Pretty much leaves out the guesswork....

This boudoir doll has a composition head and cloth body. Her red outfit with white puffs is fairly new, but suits her quite well. She has a silk floss wig.

These two pairs of Pierrot/Pierrette Half Dolls are very festive looking so I thought they belonged with this group of Christmasy looking dolls.


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