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And Now, A Word from our Sponsor...

Tomorrow, Sunday, January 31, is the last day of my shop's New Year Sale. Click on the photo to access the shop.

Smokin' Hot!

All-composition "Cubeb" smoker boudoir doll.


This is a collage I did last year for my old web site.


I checked YouTube and Turner Classics web sites, and it looks like the film, Les Vampires, is dated 1915, not 1919. I think I based the date by what was on my DVD of this movie......whatever, I just wanted to correct the date and add a vid of the film. Enjoy!

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

The Lenci Pierrot, below, is holding a "bouquet" of lemons. Good thing the German Pierrot juicer is available.

Mini Me

As promised, here is a photo of a tagged Gerb's Pierrette and the Christmas ornament.

Les Vampires

This is a very rare bat boudoir doll. It is tagged "Doumka" and was made in France. I find this doll very fascinating because there is a French-made film, made in 1919, titled "Les Vampires." It stars Musidora who plays a leader of an Apache crime gang called Les Vampires. Her code name is Irma Vep (vampire).

Je t'aime

1917 French magazine cover
Felt petite Pierrot and French boudoir doll

Half Dolls Holding Boudoir Dolls?

These powder jars are both marked "Germany."

Dressed Alike, But One Went Shopping

This Lenci is wearing the same style outfit as a drawing from a 1923 French magazine. The hats are similar, the jackets have a waist tie and pockets. The collars and pockets are trimmed in a similar color. They even stand with their toes together ;). Was Lenci the model for this drawing or was this Lenci designed after this drawing? I don't know what year this doll was made, but it illustrates how boudoir dolls mimicked the style of the era.


A couple of years ago, I received a greeting card from a friend. I was thrilled to see a boudoir doll on it! I, needless to say, kept the card. Thanks to my friend, and thanks to Hallmark!

Bernhard Hermann Revue Girls, Sofapuppen

German Smoker Boudoir Doll (Revue Girl, Sofapuppen), made by Bernhard Hermann

Boudoir Doll in Film - Kay Francis - "Transgression" - 1931

French boudoir doll in chair

This is the only video I could find of the movie.

Pierrette Half Doll

A Bloomin' Diamond in the Rough

As you can see by the auction photo, this boudoir doll, made by Charles Bloom, Inc., looked like a major restoration project. However, look at what adding a hat can do. The doll has been transformed. Not seen in the auction photo, but she did have bits of her original red hair. I just love the way this doll looks. Thanks, Sue, for sharing these photos and information. The doll is marked Chas. Bloom and dated 1925 - click on the information below.

Pierrot Christmas Ornament

I would think, given the coloring of this Pierrot Christmas Ornament, you could use it for Halloween as well. I plan to use this ornament as a doll for one of my Pierrot boudoir dolls. Once I can take photos, I will post.

Wax Half Doll Head

Hollow Wax Half Doll Head

Who's a Clown? Raise Your Hand.

This unusual-looking Pierrot has larger than normal limbs. He's missing his skull cap. Not sure if this is how he originally came. Now that I think about it, he may not have had a cap originally so that one could be made to match his outfit. If this was originally a doll kit, it required the person to make a body and outfit. I acquired this Pierrot from Germany. He's marked, but I cannot read what it says. If anyone knows, please let me know.

French Pierrette Boudoir Doll for Sale

Jenny is also selling this French Pierrette in Blue on eBay. Click the photo to view the auction.

French "Sparkle" Boudoir Doll - For Sale!!!

I just got an email from Jenny today, and she has decided to sell this fabulous boudoir doll! Please contact Jenny directly. Her email address is

German-Made Lilli Baitz Half Doll - "Amy"

This is a super nice half doll, made by Lilli Baitz. Her back is marked "Baitz" and "Amy". This German-made half doll has bisque arms and legs.

Boudoir Doll Ad - Kindel & Graham

This is a great old ad, showing various boudoir dolls, including "Cubebs," Keeneyes, and "Anitas." What I find interesting is that the ad is from Kindel and Graham. They sold the boudoir doll-faced cigarette dispensers. Thank you, Karen, for sharing this ad!

Boudoir Doll Sighting - The Film "It" - Clara Bow - 1927

All composition, jointed "Cubeb" smoker, wearing felt pantsuit

Not sure what kind of boudoir doll this is, but I'm guessing it has a cloth face.

More Sparkles

French "Sparkle" Boudoir Doll

Read the comments on December 29, 2009, under French "Sparkle" for more information on this particular doll. The orange pantaloons appear to be the only part of her original silk outfit that has survived.

Flocked Headed JxB with Painted Hair

Here are more photos of a flocked headed French JxB boudoir doll.