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I checked YouTube and Turner Classics web sites, and it looks like the film, Les Vampires, is dated 1915, not 1919. I think I based the date by what was on my DVD of this movie......whatever, I just wanted to correct the date and add a vid of the film. Enjoy!


  1. It's amazing that this was close to 100 yrs ago! Great footage.

  2. Yeah, 100 years. Isn't it amazing? I wish they'd make more interesting stories like this one today. In fact, there's another French film, called "Judex", made in 1916, and also starring Musidora, that has an interesting premise as well. Both "Les Vampires" and "Judex" were series films.

    Just checked and it appear "Judex" was remade in 1966. I wonder if I can find that on DVD. I will check.


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