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Marquis & Marquise

These French made dolls have chamois faces and elaborate hand-made costumes (the female's costume has since been replaced). The male is about 40" tall, and the female is about 36". A metal tag was found in her shoe that reads, SG BAIONETTE DG. I believe these dolls are one of the earlier boudoirs, made around WWI/early 1920s. Gorgeous dolls!


  1. What lovely early 20th century dolls and lovely work on re-placed dress.Are the dolls button jointed?
    S.G.Baionette D.G, obviously French. I can't find reference???????

  2. Hello Dear Linda.
    The two dolls are French, and patented.
    Congatulations and Very Happy New Year !

  3. Thank you for the information! I passed the information on to the owner. I do not believe the dolls are button jointed.


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