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More Flocked JxB Dolls

With the exception of the platinum blond head, all of these dolls have flocked heads. The doll heads with the velvet hats are unmarked, but have similar characteristics to JxB. One of the heads had old newspaper stuffed inside - although extremely brittle, I managed to find a piece dated 1926. I kept the newspaper inside and did not remove it and replaced the piece with the date back inside the head - must keep things as they are if at all possible......

The four dolls pictured in this collage have different bodies from the other JxB dolls. One of the dolls still had her original box. It was marked Betty Lei. But, I feel that the two Hawaiian dolls' heads have JxB characteristics - just no proof yet. Same for the ones with velvet hats - no marks so all I can say is that they have similarities.


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