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  1. Okay, seriously, I need to start collecting! This one is drop deap gorgeous too!!!!

  2. There are many different kinds of boudoir dolls made by companies from South America, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and England, as well as some neighboring countries and the USA. There are dolls that represent the era; such as film star portrait dolls, ethnic costumes, and the Cabaret life. These dolls are so unique, I have a difficult time understanding why these dolls tend to be less respected than other dolls of that time. These were the only type of dolls I can think of that were ever made for the adult market.

  3. Thank you so much for posting more photos of these Sparkle Heads! Can't get enough.

  4. No problem. In fact, if anyone else has a doll like these, I would appreciate it if you'd share a photo of it.


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