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Pierrot and Pierrette Flapper

When I saw this photo for sale, I didn't realize that the doll she was holding was so large. What a great-looking photo! It's faded, but I colorized the closeup, below, in the hope that you can see more detail. I love this photo!

Little Girl, Revue Girl

Finni and her German boudoir doll (sofapuppe), also known as Revue Girl.

I was told this photo is from a collection taken by artist, Ludwig Munich, who coincidentally was from Munich, Germany. The photo was taken in 1928, and was part of a portfolio entitled "Erinnerungen aus der Jugendzeit" (Memories from Childhood), and came from his daughter's estate. The photo is mounted on cardboard, and has his daughter's name, "Finni" (nickname for Josefine), and his monogram signature & date of 1928. Ludwig was a watercolor artist (botanical & landscapes) and, apparently, he was a photographer. Ludwig served in uniform during WWII, but in a non-combat role with the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz).


Untagged, but definitely a Gerb's. Her face does have a flocked feel to it.
Untagged, but I believe her to be Gerb's too. She has dark brown mohair wig. Her face also has a soft "flocked" feel to it.

This doll has only a remnant of her tag - is she a Gerb's?

More of the Same?

This doll is tagged, yet does not have the Gerb's name on it. The address is different too. Is it a Gerb's? I've thought it is, but now I wonder....

This doll looks like a Gerb's, and I believe it is. The doll, below, is just like it except she wears pink and is tagged Kungsholm, West Indies Cruise. It was sold on a cruise ship.

Tagged Poupees Gerb's

Sue sent me the following information:

"The only reference I can find is Coleman's (vol, 2 p 462). Coleman says Poupee Gerbs were made between 1927-30 and later. They were created, made and exported cloth dolls. However, Coleman says these dolls had flock faces, white silk hair, composition hands and feet labelled " Poupee GERB"S, 29 Rue Gauthey, PARIS'."

I have seen some Gerb's that have soft faces that could be thought of as flocked, but I don't think they actually are. And, as can be seen in my previous post, the dolls had black silk hair as well. In fact, Gerb's made dolls with a variety of hair color, both silk and mohair, including pink, lavender, etc. I will post more dolls that I believe are Gerb's although they are not tagged.

As always, if anyone knows differently, let me know. And, any information you can give regarding Gerb's, or any other French maker, would be greatly appreciated.

Tagged Gerb's

All three boudoir dolls are tagged Gerb's. Gerb's is a French manufacturer. Unfortunately, I know nothing about this company except that they made some really super boudoir dolls.

Beauty Marked Germany

This boudoir doll head is stamped Germany on her back. She has a large beauty mark on her right cheek and reddish mohair wig.

City of Paris Store in San Francisco

Dominique sent me this photo of the store where the chenille-haired Ring Lady doll was purchased. She told me the owner of this store, Felix Verdier, was French, and he sold silk stockings in France. Click on the photo to see the Wikipedia information on the store.

on eBay - French Rosalinde Boudoir Doll

Jenny is selling this beautiful French Rosalinde on eBay. Click the photo to view auction.

Leave a Message......

Not only was the store tag left on the doll, but 20 or so years later, Winnie Gage was nice to sew a note on the chenille-haired doll to let future owners know that she redressed the doll. Wouldn't it be nice if everybody would put a note on their dolls so you'd know what changes were made? Something to think about........

Coincidentally, Jenny and I wrote an article last year that we hope to be published this year about this very subject......stay tuned.....

Ring Ladies Uncovered!

Sue sent me some great photos to show you what Ring Lady bodies look like. Another typical Ring Lady trait is a pearl necklace. Notice the tags on the back of the chenille-haired doll.

This silk floss haired Ring Lady has remnants of her original outfit. It must have been gorgeous by the looks of the top. She must have had a hat that was tilted to the right side of her head or else that part of her wig disappeared. I think a hat would have been stunning.

Ring Lady Hairdos

This may also be a Ring Lady, but could be made by another manufacturer. I'm not sure. I wish someone would find a tag on these dolls to know for sure. Her face paint is different and yet, she is very much like them. I have seen silk floss versions of this hairdo on the other type Ring Ladies which leads me to believe they're the same, but it's been discovered that competitors would create a similar doll.......more mystery, but for now, she's also referred to as a Ring Lady.

Her new owner discovered a tag or note on her body which helped to know that the doll came undressed, and the outfit was made for her a long time ago. I added the newer shoes.

Oh, and the most interesting thing to me is her hair is made of chenille yarn. I've also seen these dolls with metallic thread in the same hairdo design.

Notice that the faces and hairdos are the same. The one, below, has the metallic thread. Very unusual.

Even More Ring Ladies

This Ring Lady has an especially beautiful face. Her hairdo is like the black haired one previously listed. These dolls may have come undressed, as well as wearing manufactured outfits. Not sure, but boudoir dolls did come a variety of ways. Regardless, it appears the outfit she's wearing isn't manufactured. I added the flowers, ribbons and netting.

Here is another Ring Lady with black silk floss hair. The flower in her hair was added to cover a bald spot. She may have originally worn a hat. A lot of times, these dolls were bald where a hat used to be.

More Ring Ladies

This particular Ring Lady is truly unique to me. Her black silk floss hair has silver hair ornaments in front. I added the rhinestone trim and pin "headdress" and the black trim at the neck. A previous owner added the necklace, I think.

When I owned this Ring Lady, I believed her hair to be original, however, I now believe it was added to the doll, but the color suits her well. She wears a silk velvet gown with metallic trim. Notice her elongated torso and molded breasts and shorter arms. This is typical to these dolls.

Notice the detail on the gown, and of course, the RING.

French "Ring Ladies"

These boudoir dolls are called "Ring Ladies" by collectors. We believe them to be French. They have felt hands with individual stitched fingers, long torsos and molded breasts. They usually have elaborate hairdos and outfits. They have rings on their fingers, hence the nickname "Ring Lady." I do not know the exact maker.

This doll wears a new, homemade outfit.

This Ring Lady wears a silk velvet gown, trimmed in chiffon. I'm not very knowledgeable about fabric so I might be misidentifying the chiffon, but it's a soft, sheer fabric. The hair decoration may have been added. I don't know for sure.

Here is a closeup of the hand. This is typical of Ring Ladies.