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Anita-Type Boudoir Doll Smoker - Marked M

This boudoir doll needs a little help, however, I'm a big believer in non-invasive improvements. In other words, do not make changes to an old doll that will permanently alter it such as gluing on a wig, touching up the face paint, etc.

These photos show an Anita-type smoker as I received her.

I will post photos of what I've added so you can see the difference. The first thing I'll probably give her is a cigarette. I was hoping her original one fell inside her head, but nothing, I will have to make her a new cig.


  1. est super!!!! Я пребываю в диком веселье от восторга, который вызвала во мне эта кукла!!! Отлично!!!

  2. Я счастлив вы любит эта кукла. Вы для вашего восторга! Я надеюсь что это переводит правильно.

    English translation (Using BabelFish):

    Tash - I am in the wild merriment from the enthusiasm, which caused in me this doll!!! It is excellent!!!

    Frau Wulf - I am happy you like this doll. Thank you for your enthusiasm! I hope this translates correctly.


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