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I used to think this doll was made by the Spanish doll company, TAF (Talleres de Arte Fuste). However, I'm now thinking she was made by another Spanish company, Munecas Pages Madrid. Regardless, she appears to be Spanish-made. If anyone knows for sure, I'd appreciate the information.

The previous owner named her Esperanza.


  1. During the 20-30 years in Madrid worked more than 10 major factories in the manufacture of cloth dolls. It could be pages or T.A.F., but also of Florido, N.A.T.I., Colombina, Casa Campo etc. I have just published a book about the Muñecas Florido brand, and other brands in Madrid during 20 -30. Too bad that, for now, it is in Spanish. If you want to see it you can do so here.


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