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French "Ring Ladies"

These boudoir dolls are called "Ring Ladies" by collectors. We believe them to be French. They have felt hands with individual stitched fingers, long torsos and molded breasts. They usually have elaborate hairdos and outfits. They have rings on their fingers, hence the nickname "Ring Lady." I do not know the exact maker.

This doll wears a new, homemade outfit.

This Ring Lady wears a silk velvet gown, trimmed in chiffon. I'm not very knowledgeable about fabric so I might be misidentifying the chiffon, but it's a soft, sheer fabric. The hair decoration may have been added. I don't know for sure.

Here is a closeup of the hand. This is typical of Ring Ladies.


  1. So, now, I know for sure what is a "Ring Lady", hands are very particular. I do like the hair style of some of them, funny enough, the hair style tells me they are French, but the hands says no ! not enough wrok on it I would say, but of course I could be wrong.
    Thank you so much Lindo for such research, you'r really a great expert !

  2. Is there a possibility these dolls were made by a non-French manufacturer that used French heads?

  3. Well, why not ? as I said before, bisque German heads were sent to France and to the States to be used on French or American made bodies.
    It was some thing very usual at the time.
    Also, there is an other case of figure : heads made in France on a body made somewhere else, then back to France to be dressed and sold.
    Also one has to remumber that many boudoir dolls were sold nude in France, to be dressed at home : I can really give testimonies about this, as being from a family in the fashion world business, my mother and my aunties had many boudoirs dolls bought nude that they were dressing themselves.
    Some were dressed in winter outfits for winter time, other were dressed in summer outfit for summer times. And those clothing were luxurious. As a child (tiny one) I used to go to the attic with my cousins (boys) and we were fighting using those long dolls as arms againts on another ! just too bad.

  4. So, by now, we know the dolls were sold nude, yes ? because the tag showing the price would have been attached on the dress if she had been sold all dressed up ?
    Wonderfull photos, helps to learn and understand, thanks Sue and Linda !

  5. A little more infos :
    City of Paris store had been found by a French man, Felix Verdier, and was selling French merchandise, of course, but not only French for what I understand. Verdier used to sell silk stockings when living in South of France.
    So, those dolls might have been made in France and sent to the States nude, and some of them could have been sold dressed, why not ? The ring and the pearls neck lace could have been original to all dolls, nude or not ?

  6. I am believing the chenille-haired doll was sold nude and then dressed, but in 1949, the doll was redressed - only because the note said "redressed."

  7. Sounds good to me. It makes sense. Thanks so much for the information!

  8. We have to remember that at the time, it was not of good taste to sold an all nude doll, and dolls in France in the 20's were sold with, at least, a chemise. So, to do not hurt feelings, those dolls could have been sold with just longs pants, ring and neck lace to make them more acceptable ?


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