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Ring Lady Hairdos

This may also be a Ring Lady, but could be made by another manufacturer. I'm not sure. I wish someone would find a tag on these dolls to know for sure. Her face paint is different and yet, she is very much like them. I have seen silk floss versions of this hairdo on the other type Ring Ladies which leads me to believe they're the same, but it's been discovered that competitors would create a similar doll.......more mystery, but for now, she's also referred to as a Ring Lady.

Her new owner discovered a tag or note on her body which helped to know that the doll came undressed, and the outfit was made for her a long time ago. I added the newer shoes.

Oh, and the most interesting thing to me is her hair is made of chenille yarn. I've also seen these dolls with metallic thread in the same hairdo design.

Notice that the faces and hairdos are the same. The one, below, has the metallic thread. Very unusual.


  1. Great dolls.
    Too bad about the rewigged red head. Why would anyone DO that?

  2. The wig was removable so at least it didn't permanently affect the doll, but it would have been nice if the person who did it would have mentioned it when they sold it, and that person thereafter would have passed on the information. That is a big part of the misinformation that's out there. I feel bad because I didn't know enough about the doll to know. If I sell a doll, I state all I know. If that information is wrong, and I find out after the fact, it's very upsetting.


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