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Tagged Poupees Gerb's

Sue sent me the following information:

"The only reference I can find is Coleman's (vol, 2 p 462). Coleman says Poupee Gerbs were made between 1927-30 and later. They were created, made and exported cloth dolls. However, Coleman says these dolls had flock faces, white silk hair, composition hands and feet labelled " Poupee GERB"S, 29 Rue Gauthey, PARIS'."

I have seen some Gerb's that have soft faces that could be thought of as flocked, but I don't think they actually are. And, as can be seen in my previous post, the dolls had black silk hair as well. In fact, Gerb's made dolls with a variety of hair color, both silk and mohair, including pink, lavender, etc. I will post more dolls that I believe are Gerb's although they are not tagged.

As always, if anyone knows differently, let me know. And, any information you can give regarding Gerb's, or any other French maker, would be greatly appreciated.


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