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More of the Same?

This doll is tagged, yet does not have the Gerb's name on it. The address is different too. Is it a Gerb's? I've thought it is, but now I wonder....

This doll looks like a Gerb's, and I believe it is. The doll, below, is just like it except she wears pink and is tagged Kungsholm, West Indies Cruise. It was sold on a cruise ship.


  1. Hi Linda,
    Your doll tagged "Les Poupées Pierrette" is not a Gerb's, it's a different french maker, he is on the AC, in Paris too, same time as Gerb's.

  2. Thanks so much! While doing posts on this subject, I got to wonder when I started putting the dolls together.....I learn something all the time. It's great! So, was the company named Les Poupées Pierrette or something else?

  3. Yes "Les Poupées Pierette" is the name of the company, a parisian one. I will have to look when it started to show up on the AC and when it stopped. I've seen few of thoses dolls.
    About Gerb's it presents it self on the AC as "Les Poupées Gerb's" but the ad shows a doll of the other type, not long legs ones. I will have to scan you this ad from 1930.
    If you look at the painted eyes of your Gerb's dolls and those of your Les Poupées Pierette, you will see they are very different. It helps to decide who is who sometime, also the painting was different depending of the period when dolls were made.


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