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Where Are They Now? Gorgeous Blossom

This gorgeous Blossom was original except for her headband. But, the headband was a vintage piece. She probably once wore a hat much like the other Blossom I posted the other day. She wore a similar organdy dress. Beautiful! I sold her several years ago. She is another one I wonder - where is she now?

Where Are They Now? Another Blossom

I sold this Blossom for someone on consignment. She did not know that the doll had been re-wigged. PLEASE people, if you make changes to a doll, TELL them. To find out that a doll was altered by the person who sold it to you, and they didn't tell you what they did, is very upsetting. If you did not do the altering, and you didn't know, that's beyond your control. However, if you know for sure the doll has been altered in some way, you are obligated to tell the potential new owner.

The previous owner and I added the jewels, that I disclosed. She looked quite the flapper!

The dress appeared vintage, and given the fact that boudoir dolls came undressed or wore a manufactured outfit, it's hard for me to determine originality. I've found dolls wearing vintage, non-manufactured outfits, that the early owner(s) made way back when. So, to me, an outfit that looks like vintage fabric gives me the impression that it's "original" to the doll, whether manufactured…

Where Are They Now? Another Blossom

This is a rare Blossom in that her platinum blond mohair wig isn't your typical Blossom style. It is styled in a Pompadour with ringlets - very French/Marie Antoinette-looking. I do not know if this doll originally had a costume or if it was originally sold nude. However, since I've sold her, she now wears a gown and a "tiara/crown" headpiece.

Boudoir Doll Smoker for Sale

This smoker boudoir doll is for sale in my shop. Click the photo to access my shop.

Where Are They Now? Blossom

I sold this boudoir doll a few years ago. This doll was made by The Blossom Doll Company. One word of warning, there is a new trend of repainting, rewigging, replacing eyelashes, etc. and selling them as original. This one was original...... I hope it still is.

Spring is Here, Easter is Near

Lilian Harvey with her Easter Bunnies

Where Are They Now?

I used to own this outrageously gorgeous, all original French boudoir doll. She has to be one of the most incredible dolls I've ever owned.

I will be posting photos of dolls I no longer own, and I wonder what has happened to some of them. I believe some have not faired as well as others.

Boudoir Dolls in Current Fashion

Boudoir Queen - 2009
Click the above photo to access The Boudoir Queen's Web Site.
Click on the photos, below, to view Boudoir Queen's Poor Little Rich Girl Blog

La Vie Parisienne 1931

Page from 1931 La Vie Parisienne Magazine

Boudoir Dolls in Current Fashion

John Galliano's Fall Fashion 2007

French Boudoir Doll seen at 5:43

Mary Berry with Her Boudoir Doll

This autographed photo was among a group of photos I got that were all addressed to a Ned Francis, who apparently was involved with this group in some sort of production called "Harvest Time" in 1929. Mary Berry is posing with her boudoir doll.

The Sheik - Rudolph Valentino - 1921

The Sheik - Rudolph Valentino - 1921

Boudoir Doll Purses

Purses are among the numerous boudoir doll novelty items that were made in the 1920's. These are two examples; one is a coin purse and the other is a small crocheted purse.

There is one purse I am dying to find, and I've only seen it in books. It is one that is made to look like a flapper wearing a fur coat. It is a full figure doll. It's incredible! In the meantime, I consider these two purses a great find!

Rare French Boudoir Dolls with Tattooed Faces

When I sold this doll in purple and gold, I had some people believing that some child wrote on the doll's face. They found it difficult to believe me when I insisted that the doll was original, tattoos and all........I recently found on eBay a French boudoir doll with facial marks. Look closely at her chin and forehead. You will see that she, too, has tattoos.........these are the only two dolls I've seen in nine years of collecting that have tattoos, so I will go out on a limb here and state that these dolls are rare.........

Pauline Starke and Her Look-a-Likes

Here is another photo - Pauline Starke - and the boudoir dolls that remind me of her.

Lyda Salmonowa, Ballerina

I love to look at old photos, and it seems they're always reminding me of boudoir dolls. This postcard of Lyda Salmonowa instantly made me think of a wax half doll I have. So, here they are together.

Corinne Marsh, Radio Fancies - Boudoir Doll Smoker Head Cheer Stick

I was thrilled to find this photo! The back of the photo reads, "Corinne Marsh, Radio Fancies" and is stamped "Photographed by the DeBarron Studios 148 West 48TH St. N.Y.C." Corinne has a boudoir doll smoker head cheer stick. Isn't this photo cute?

Interesting Boudoir Doll

Click the photo, above, to view the eBay auction. I have never seen a doll like this one before. I thought the face was painted on leather, but it seems that it is cloth. Very unique, rare and unusual.

Draped in Metallic Lace

This all cloth boudoir doll looks to be home made. She is covered in metallic lace. Underneath the lace is silk which is just about totally disintegrated. The dress has a couple of flowers that remain. Her leather shoes are missing their soles. I love her individual, long fingers. Great doll with a lot of soul.

Just One of the Family

One of these photos was taken in 1956. The dolls were about 25 years old in these photos. They are both composition/cloth boudoir dolls.