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Rare French Boudoir Dolls with Tattooed Faces

When I sold this doll in purple and gold, I had some people believing that some child wrote on the doll's face. They found it difficult to believe me when I insisted that the doll was original, tattoos and all........I recently found on eBay a French boudoir doll with facial marks. Look closely at her chin and forehead. You will see that she, too, has tattoos.........these are the only two dolls I've seen in nine years of collecting that have tattoos, so I will go out on a limb here and state that these dolls are rare.........


  1. I have seen a A.M doll marked this way. I think it is the markings that woman had in Algeria, which was French colony. Something like that anyway

  2. They are harem dolls, styled on the ladies from North Africa. I think these are pretty rare and most gorgeous!


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