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Where Are They Now? Another Blossom

I sold this Blossom for someone on consignment. She did not know that the doll had been re-wigged. PLEASE people, if you make changes to a doll, TELL them. To find out that a doll was altered by the person who sold it to you, and they didn't tell you what they did, is very upsetting. If you did not do the altering, and you didn't know, that's beyond your control. However, if you know for sure the doll has been altered in some way, you are obligated to tell the potential new owner.

The previous owner and I added the jewels, that I disclosed. She looked quite the flapper!

The dress appeared vintage, and given the fact that boudoir dolls came undressed or wore a manufactured outfit, it's hard for me to determine originality. I've found dolls wearing vintage, non-manufactured outfits, that the early owner(s) made way back when. So, to me, an outfit that looks like vintage fabric gives me the impression that it's "original" to the doll, whether manufactured or home-made. But, here's the kicker:

The current trend is to dress these dolls, using vintage fabric or taking apart vintage/antique clothing. This makes it even more of a challenge to know whether the outfit was recently made or not.

I like the fact that people are making costumes for undressed dolls, using vintage fabric and trim. I prefer these dolls to look true to their era. But, again, I say, "PLEASE, disclose this to people buying your dolls!"


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