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Cute Photo of Rudy

This is my favorite Valentino/horse photo, taken in Palm Springs.

Cowboy Rudy

Rudolph Valentino & His Horse, Yaqui taken in Palm Springs about 1925.

Half Doll Sighting - Film, "A Sailor-Made Man" 1921, Harold Lloyd

The film "A Sailor-Made Man" 1921 shows a half doll telephone cover.There was another Harold Lloyd film I saw that had a half doll telephone cover in it, but the quality wasn't very good so I decided not to use it. And insodoing, I've forgotten what the name of that film was........

Extra! Extra! Read All About It

Click on the photo to view the 1924 New York Times article about Helene Sardeau and her portrait boudoir dolls. This article was written two years after the magazine article from Theatre Magazine (click on this link, too, to view the blog entry on that 1922 article).

Thanks to Rebecca Eash who sent me this New York Times article!

Boudoir Doll Sighting - Morocco - Marlene Dietrich 1930

"Morocco" Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper, 1930
Lenci Dolls

Boudoir Doll Sighting - The Film "Speedy" - Harold Lloyd - 1928

Harold Lloyd, Ann Christy in "Speedy" 1928 - boudoir doll given away as prize at Coney Island.

Unfortunately, this YouTube film clip has the wrong music and repeats scenes and has scenes out of context so it doesn't represent the movie correctly. The Coney Island part of this movie, the way it originally was, was great! You might want to rent the DVD - Netflix has it. Anyway, boudoir doll starts at 3:54.........

French Pierrot Head

This French Pierrot head may have had a body at one time. Heads were sold without bodies for ladies to create a doll so not sure if he once was a completed boudoir doll. Silk faced and dramatically painted, he could have been a fairly large doll because the head is a good size. I'd guess, complete, he could have been at least 34".

Pierrot - Spain?

This half doll Pierrot has a tag on it "Spain" but, I do not think it is a manufacturer's tag or a store tag. I've never seen a half doll from Spain. They're usually made in Germany or France. That doesn't mean they weren't made elsewhere, but it makes me wonder......anyway, all original, and a very nice example. He is in a permanent sitting position, and he may have once had a mandolin. Looks like he's singing.

Where Are They Now? Dean's Rag Book Smart Set

This is a rare Dean's Rag Book "Smart Set" doll, made around 1927. When I owned her, she was all original, down to her boots, which were more like knee high black leather/leatherette spats over her molded shoes. If I remember correctly, the leopard print trim was made of corduroy and the rest of her outfit was felt. Fantastic doll!

Where Are They Now?

I use to own this doll for quite a few years. She is all cloth. She has always reminded me of Mae West.

The Queen of French Boudoir Dolls

This silk-faced French boudoir doll measures 24". She has composition hands and legs with molded gold shoes and a molded red stone on her left hand. Her vintage home-made costume is one of the most elaborate ones I've seen. It has intricate bead work, as well as embroidery, and she is bejeweled on head and neck - Quite impressive!

French Poupees Gerb's

This doll is a tagged Gerb's. She is 22" and is all cloth.

This doll may also be a Gerb's as she has the soft face that is a typical Gerb's feature. This doll is smaller in size than the average Gerb's and is stuffed with straw - another trait that these dolls have.

Where Are They Now? Another Alma

This very rare Alma is all felt with leather shoes. She wears an unusual costume. Isn't she fantastic?

Where Are They Now? Alma

This is a very rare doll made by Alma, an Italian company, that was a competitor of Lenci. She is made of all felt. Fabulous!

Boudoir Doll Sighting - The Film "The Freshman" - Harold Lloyd - 1925

The film "The Freshman," starring Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Walston. Boudoir doll at 8:45

Knitting Project - 1935 Minerva Knitting Pattern

I've knitted off and on for a gazillion years; in fact, since the mid-1960's, when I was 12 and made baby booties. I really got into it in the late 1980's/early 1990's, making sweaters, coats and baby outfits.

I got the knitting bug again and thought I'd try out a vintage pattern. This basket-weave-patterned coat is from a 1935 Minerva yarn knitting book. I just finished it, only needing to attach the button loops and buttons near the collar.

The coat falls just above the knee.

The color is darker than photo'd. It's a nice dark red.

It has raglan sleeves.

Because this coat is an open front style, you could even wear it without the button/loop top closure.

Where Are They Now? Saving the Best Blossom for Last

This is my favorite Blossom I sold for someone on consignment. I love her burgundy red-brown hair, and her original green dress was wonderful. Like Cinderella, she lost one of her shoes.

Where Are They Now? Blossom

This is yet another beautiful Blossom I sold. Don't you just love her outfit? The polka dots were pink pompoms. Just lovely.

Where Are They Now? Another Blossom Pierrot

This is another gorgeous Blossom dressed in a vintage home-made Pierrot costume. Since I've sold her, this outfit has been removed.

Where Are They Now? Another Blossom Pierrot

This Blossom is similar to the other one I posted today, except her Pierrot costume is silk. She was not so lucky with her hat because it disappeared during the 80 years she's been around, but someone at one time added the headband. She's another lovely doll.

Where Are They Now?

This is another rare Blossom. When I sold her, she was all original. It was nice she still had her hat. Lovely.