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Knitting Project - 1935 Minerva Knitting Pattern

I've knitted off and on for a gazillion years; in fact, since the mid-1960's, when I was 12 and made baby booties. I really got into it in the late 1980's/early 1990's, making sweaters, coats and baby outfits.

I got the knitting bug again and thought I'd try out a vintage pattern. This basket-weave-patterned coat is from a 1935 Minerva yarn knitting book. I just finished it, only needing to attach the button loops and buttons near the collar.

The coat falls just above the knee.

The color is darker than photo'd. It's a nice dark red.

It has raglan sleeves.

Because this coat is an open front style, you could even wear it without the button/loop top closure.


  1. Ok that is just amazing!
    If I tried to do that I'd probably lose an eye or end up in a tangled ball of yarn
    That is so beautiful! Was the pattern as easy to understand as a modern one?

  2. Thanks a lot! There were parts in the pattern that I had to think about a bit, but I've made the basket weave pattern before so I understood the process. What I didn't like about the pattern is it didn't give various size options, and the pattern size, much like sewing patterns, do not correspond to the sizes you buy in the store. But, I thought I'd give an old pattern a try, and I might do another one. I have a pattern for gloves that I'd like to try, as well as a shorter jacket.

    Thanks, again! I appreciate the encouragement.

  3. Thanks! Since those photos, I've added the buttons and button loops. I love the color and was lucky to find large vintage buttons that matched in color.


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