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Where Are They Now? Dean's Rag Book Smart Set

This is a rare Dean's Rag Book "Smart Set" doll, made around 1927. When I owned her, she was all original, down to her boots, which were more like knee high black leather/leatherette spats over her molded shoes. If I remember correctly, the leopard print trim was made of corduroy and the rest of her outfit was felt. Fantastic doll!


  1. Love her and love the leopard trim!

  2. Hi there, she is lovely! I have a very similar doll, right down to the colour of clothing, that I recently acquired from Ebay. Mine however is carrying a tennis racket. I'd love to send a picture somehow as I'd be interested to know if they are related from the same maker and year. I don't have any information about mine as she is not tagged (that I can see) and the person who auctioned her also had no idea.
    I really love reading your blog, so much amazing information, movie clips, and pictures!

  3. I saw that doll on eBay too. She is the same type of doll, and is probably part of the Smart Set of dolls that Deans Rag Book made. I think I have a scan taken from Pollock's Dictionary of English Dolls that I will post. If you want to send me a photo of your doll to post on this blog, email it to


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