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We Salute You

Clara Bow

To those who serve, and to those we remember today, THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice.

French Smokers - Early Boudoir Dolls?

I got this all cloth boudoir doll from France. He was missing his cigarette, so I added one, but the rest of him is original, including his leather slip-on style shoes, and his silk and felt costume. He has red yarn for hair. Check out that hat!

When I got this doll, I sent photos to Sue. The first thing she thought of was her "Claridge Hotel Paris" doll. It, too, is a smoker. The hats on both dolls have a similar design; very tall with wire running around the top. Other similarities are the arms, particularly the hands, and just the overall look that makes her wonder if these dolls weren't made by the same manufacturer. I haven't found a tag on this doll so, for now, it's a mystery.

I used to own a doll like Sue has. It, too, was tagged "Claridge Hotel Paris." The dolls are dressed in a World War I uniform-style outfit. Both are smokers. Given the dolls' attire, they should date around 1918-early 1920's.

Grandma's Boudoir Doll

These are sweet photos of a girl with her Grandmother - and her Grandmother's boudoir doll.

Boudoir Doll in Film - Carole Lombard, Pat O'Brien - "Virtue" - 1932

Here is a photo I just got of the film "Virtue." It's seen better days, but I had to have it. What I love about these film photos is they date the dolls.

Boudoir Doll Sighting - Virtue - Carole Lombard, Pat O'Brien 1932

"Virtue" 1932, starring Carole Lombard and Pat O'Brien. They celebrated their wedding at a carnival, where this boudoir doll was won. The bride had a secret, and the groom would discover it when they returned home - and a plain-clothed policeman was there to "greet" them.

Maria Paudler and Her Boudoir Dolls

This is a great photo of actress Maria Paudler with the coolest boudoir dolls. I especially love the one in the top hat! (Click on her name to view the Internet Movie Database info)

Xenia Desni and Her Boudoir Doll

Actress, Xenia Desni, posing with her stuffed animals and her boudoir doll. (Click on her name to view her Wikipedia Bio.)

Mr. President, Is that you?

This wonderful, tagged all cloth boudoir doll was made in France by "Charlier" Paris. First thing I thought of was President Theodore Roosevelt. Is he Teddy? Granted, the mustache is turned up, but he sure does resemble him.

Works of Art

These are two of the most unusual boudoir doll heads I've ever seen. I wonder if they were used as store displays? Mannequins? They are both unmarked. Don't they make a unique pair? They are definite conversation pieces.

Princess Ketto Mikeladze

I tried to find some information about Princess Ketto Mikeladze. All I could find were two New York Times articles; one dated 1934 and one dated 1941. Click the dates to read the partial articles. Click on the photo to view the eBay auction.

I did find more about the Princess

- Life Magazine 1937

- Life Magazine 1938.

Why Boudoir Dolls Were Created

These ladies are definitely the inspiration of boudoir dolls. Click on the photo to view the eBay auction.

Where Are They Now? Large Cloth Pierrot

This boudoir doll is large. I can't remember the exact size, but I'm thinking it was 38"? All cloth, wearing its original silk Pierrot costume.

James Cagney

I found this YouTube creation awhile back, and I thought I had shared this on my blog already. I think "Melanie" did a fantastic job on this James Cagney montage to the song Ballroom Blitz.

Lenci Fadette Smoker

This Lenci Fadette wears a different style of pantsuit from the others I have, and I consider it a rarer version of this doll. She fits in well with my other tough cookies. No frilly dress and sweet expression here.

Boudoir Doll in Film - Loretta Young, Florence Vidor - "Magnificent Flirt" - 1928

Loretta Young, Florence Vidor "Magnificent Flirt" 1928

Movie Rental Suggestion - "Golden Earrings" Marlene Dietrich 1947

I really enjoyed the movie, Golden Earrings. I think this was quite a different role for Marlene Dietrich. She did a great job.

The story is set in pre-war Germany. An Englishman (Ray Milland) escapes from the Germans and poses as a gypsy with the help of a lone gypsy woman. Before he can leave the country, he must get secrets from a German scientist. In the process, his life takes an interesting turn.

I found the song, Golden Earrings, sung by Peggy Lee. Click on Golden Earrings to hear.

Where Are They Now?

This is the same type cloth boudoir doll as my previous post. Her original Pierrot costume has survived better than her purple counterpart. She, too, is a rarer boudoir doll with her silk floss hair in a chin length 'do.

Where Are They Now?

This all cloth boudoir doll is very unusual. Her hair is a raspberry silk floss. She wears dark purple silk Pierrot style pajamas. I sold this doll several years ago, and I wonder how the outfit has survived.

Dean's Rag Book "Smart Set" Doll

This is a Dean's Rag Book doll, made in England. These dolls typically were all cloth with the exception of their hands and shoes. They were referred to as Smart Set, a term used in the 1920's, for fashionable people (elite). Some of these Smart Set dolls had cigarettes in their hands. There is another Smart Set doll in a previous post, wearing an outfit made of the same green felt with leopard print corduroy trim.

This particular Smart Set doll holds a tennis racket. There are some other Smart Set dolls around, but they're all dressed differently. The main theme seems to be green felt with leopard trim. This particular doll's trim is different and almost looks like an alligator design to me.

The scan, above, is from a page in Pollock's Dictionary of English Dolls. Notice the cigarette in the doll's hand.

The Most Incredible Thing I've Seen in a Long Time!

This is a wax candy box lid. She has glass eyes. I'm calling her a candy box because I have two others , one of which is a complete box. I am not sure if these wax busts were other items, but the platform she's on does not look like a typical box lid. So, she could have been something else. Regardless, she is the most incredible piece I've seen in a long time!

Where Are They Now?

This is a very beautiful boudoir doll - all cloth except for her hands, she has a full head of mohair waves and ringlets, and she wears her original dress......she is another doll I sold, and when I see the photos, it makes me wonder where she is now?