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Dean's Rag Book "Smart Set" Doll

This is a Dean's Rag Book doll, made in England. These dolls typically were all cloth with the exception of their hands and shoes. They were referred to as Smart Set, a term used in the 1920's, for fashionable people (elite). Some of these Smart Set dolls had cigarettes in their hands. There is another Smart Set doll in a previous post, wearing an outfit made of the same green felt with leopard print corduroy trim.

This particular Smart Set doll holds a tennis racket. There are some other Smart Set dolls around, but they're all dressed differently. The main theme seems to be green felt with leopard trim. This particular doll's trim is different and almost looks like an alligator design to me.

The scan, above, is from a page in Pollock's Dictionary of English Dolls. Notice the cigarette in the doll's hand.


  1. I noticed when reading through the older pages of your blog that there is a picture of Bebe Daniels that resembles these Dean's dolls outfits and style;
    The colour and patterns seem very similar. Actually, they even look quite a lot like her, only a blonde version! Perhaps it's just my imagination :)

  2. Yeah, I thought it was a really good match. It seems that the dolls either resembled celebrities, particularly the film stars or they at least dressed like them.


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