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French Smokers - Early Boudoir Dolls?

I got this all cloth boudoir doll from France. He was missing his cigarette, so I added one, but the rest of him is original, including his leather slip-on style shoes, and his silk and felt costume. He has red yarn for hair. Check out that hat!

When I got this doll, I sent photos to Sue. The first thing she thought of was her "Claridge Hotel Paris" doll. It, too, is a smoker. The hats on both dolls have a similar design; very tall with wire running around the top. Other similarities are the arms, particularly the hands, and just the overall look that makes her wonder if these dolls weren't made by the same manufacturer. I haven't found a tag on this doll so, for now, it's a mystery.

I used to own a doll like Sue has. It, too, was tagged "Claridge Hotel Paris." The dolls are dressed in a World War I uniform-style outfit. Both are smokers. Given the dolls' attire, they should date around 1918-early 1920's.


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