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Shop Anniversary Sale!

All items in both shops are on sale. Sale ends July 31, 2010.

Click on each photo to enter each shop.

The Frau Wulf shop is on Ruby Lane. It is strictly vintage/antique items.

The Laissez-Faire shop is on Ruby Plaza. In addition to the inventory from the Frau Wulf shop, Laissez-Faire has newer items such as reference books, hand-made items such as paintings and hand-knits, and other such items.

Check out both shops!

Purple-Haired Half Doll!

This wax over half doll stands out in the crowd. When I saw her in the group shot of Lynda's half dolls, I had to ask for a photo of this doll. LOVE it!

Half Dolls

Here are more wax over half dolls from Lynda's collection. Beautiful!

Half Dolls

These figures are called a variety of names, including half dolls, teepuppen (tea dolls), demi figurine (half figurine), pin dolls and telephone dolls. These particular dolls are chalk or composition, covered with wax. I use the term "wax over."

You can find half doll telephone covers, tea cozies, lamps/nightlights, brush and powder puff toppers, pin cushions, and other novelty items. They are also turned into complete dolls with arms and legs. They've been used on candy box and powder box lids and more.

Here are a few examples of wax over half dolls, courtesy of Lynda Wake.

May I Have Your Attention, Please!

I have listed over 25 dolls and doll-related items in my shop. Check it out!

Rah, Rah, Rah, Ziss Boom Bah!

Can you believe these are the same type dolls? The one on the left has faired very well, but the Cheer Stick on the right - too much cheering, I'm afraid. That goes to show you too much partying isn't healthy........

The Cheer Stick's original cigarette is inside her head, and I couldn't get it out. Her face is so brittle and disintegrating, my attempts at retrieving the cigarette only caused more damage to her I made her a replacement. I found bits of blond mohair under her fragile felt hat - the felt tore during the process......very unfortunate. But, I wanted to show you how this once fabulous Cheer Stick looked like.

Photo - 1927 - Lady with William Gluckin Boudoir Doll

This photo is marked in back "1927". Unfortunately, the lady's name wasn't written in back, and the photo is in poor condition. But, luckily, it's now digitally "preserved." The boudoir doll at her feet is a Gluckin. Below are other Gluckin dolls, including two faces that are marked "Pat. Pending Wm. Gluckin & Co., Inc. NYC"

Scanned closeup of Gluckin doll in photo - not good quality, but it definitely a Gluckin.

This Gluckin is one of the most unusual ones I've seen with her blue silk floss hair styled in a braided side bun.

Both of these faces, above and below, are marked "Pat. Pending Wm. Gluckin & Co., Inc. NYC"

These Gluckins, above and below, were made into clothes pin/lingerie bags. The one, above, is Spanish-style.

Fits Like a Glove

This is my first attempt at knitting gloves. I used a copy of a 1934 pattern that seemed to have errors in it. When it came to making a couple of the fingers, I had to put each glove on as I was knitting it to figure out what the pattern should have said.

I used J&P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen crochet thread, used double. The left hand turned out better than the right hand because the right hand was done first. By the time I got to the left hand, I understood the process a little better. Also, I just barely had enough thread to make these gloves so some of the fingers ended up a little shorter than they should have been. They may not be perfect, but I can wear them this coming Winter.

Shades of Erte

In a previous blog post, "Works of Art", I showed Sue's unusual doll heads. Shortly thereafter, Sue got a complete doll that had the same features with very stylistic hands, and the doll's head is flocked.

The doll head with the black cap is iridescent. Sue created the cap, using the shaded outline left on the doll from what was once there.

Are these dolls an actual creation of Erte or was Erte's style an influence? There are definite similarities.

I have been collecting boudoir dolls for almost 10 years. These are the first I've ever seen of dolls like this, and I find it interesting that all three show up now.

Carmen, 1915 - Geraldine Farrar, Wallace Reid

Another 1915 film, "Carmen" - stars Opera singer Geraldine Farrar and Wallace Reid. I have included links to Wikipedia information about the Opera Carmen and the bios for both actors. Just click on the names.

Lenci made a doll representing Carmen. After seeing the 1915 film, I'm wondering if they modeled the doll after Geraldine Farrar........the resemblance is pretty close.

Lenci catalog photos and a photo of the Lenci Carmen doll to which I added the hair comb, necklace, shawl and basket.

Frau Wulf's Movie Pick "The Cheat" 1915, Sessue Hayakawa, Fannie Ward

"The Cheat", 1915, starring Sessue Hayakawa and Fannie Ward (click their names to view their Wikipedia bios). This silent film surprised me how sophisticated and intense it became. And, you've got to see the free for all in the courtroom. I won't tell too much about this film because I don't want to spoil some great moments, but let's just say things get heated.

This is the first film I've seen with Sessue Hayakawa, and if this is a typical film of his, I want to see more. It's quite a film for 1915 - yeah, that's 95 years ago.

All Composition "Cubeb" Smoker

I have blogged about these dolls before back in 2009 (click here to view previous blog entry) This one is great! She wears her original felt pantsuit, and has her original wig, albeit sparse in back. These dolls also come with silk floss hair, parted in the middle with side braids.

She is the type of "Cubeb" smoker that has the molded heels. Her shoes have a hole where the heels usually are, and they slip over the composition heels to create her shoes. When I got her, her cigarette was just about all the way inside her head - bad news had it dropped inside her head. It's her original cigarette, and I was able to pull it out. So happy about that!

So, it got me thinking - I need to pass on this advice for those unfamiliar with composition smokers - do not lay them down - the cigarette may slide backward and fall inside the head. If you get a smoker and hear a rattle inside her head, chances are her original cigarette is there.

When shipping composition smokers, remove the cig…

Where Are They Now? Bucilla or Sterling? or Both?

The origin of a lot of dolls is still a mystery, however, recently, tagged dolls have been discovered that reveal their makers. There were companies that made similar-looking dolls so you have to look for subtle differences to figure it out.

I've seen dolls like this one in Bucilla kits - sewing kits that provide a doll, fabric, shoes, etc. to create an outfit for a doll, and I've also seen tagged dolls like this one, identifying the maker as Sterling Doll Company. That was a big surprise because up until then I had only seen one style of doll made by them that had the Sterling name molded on its back.

This doll has composition hands - the rest of her is cloth. Was she made by the Sterling Doll Company? Was she part of a Bucilla kit? Did Sterling produce a doll for Bucilla?

Where Are They Now? Cloth Boudoir Doll

This all cloth boudoir doll has vibrant face paint. Her silk floss hair is styled rather differently than other boudoir dolls you normally find like this. The back is side swept into braids.

There were at least two companies that made dolls like this. Not sure if this doll was made by them, but the two companies were Unique Novelty Doll Company and American Stuff Novelty.