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All Composition "Cubeb" Smoker

I have blogged about these dolls before back in 2009 (click here to view previous blog entry) This one is great! She wears her original felt pantsuit, and has her original wig, albeit sparse in back. These dolls also come with silk floss hair, parted in the middle with side braids.

She is the type of "Cubeb" smoker that has the molded heels. Her shoes have a hole where the heels usually are, and they slip over the composition heels to create her shoes. When I got her, her cigarette was just about all the way inside her head - bad news had it dropped inside her head. It's her original cigarette, and I was able to pull it out. So happy about that!

So, it got me thinking - I need to pass on this advice for those unfamiliar with composition smokers - do not lay them down - the cigarette may slide backward and fall inside the head. If you get a smoker and hear a rattle inside her head, chances are her original cigarette is there.

When shipping composition smokers, remove the cigarette if you can and put it in an envelope for safe-keeping with the doll. This will prevent the cigarette from falling inside her head during shipping. One more thing about composition dolls, in general, it's not a good idea to wrap them in plastic - that means bubble wrap too - without first wrapping the doll in wrapping tissue or other soft material. Plastic on composition can cause the composition to "sweat" and cause damage. I usually wrap composition hands, feet and heads with tissue to ensure they don't break during shipping.


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