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Half Dolls

These figures are called a variety of names, including half dolls, teepuppen (tea dolls), demi figurine (half figurine), pin dolls and telephone dolls. These particular dolls are chalk or composition, covered with wax. I use the term "wax over."

You can find half doll telephone covers, tea cozies, lamps/nightlights, brush and powder puff toppers, pin cushions, and other novelty items. They are also turned into complete dolls with arms and legs. They've been used on candy box and powder box lids and more.

Here are a few examples of wax over half dolls, courtesy of Lynda Wake.


  1. gro-lise@online.noJuly 1, 2013 at 6:04 PM


    I have one of these halfdolls.
    I was wondering if I could send you a picture of it. Maybe you can tell me more about her age, and where she is from?
    Please email me:)

  2. thankyou for this information.I"ve loved and collected several of these Munzerlite darlings and have never known anyone else that had them or hadn't found very much information...Thankyou ...You'ved helped me.


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