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I'm No Angel - Mae West, Cary Grant - 1933

I'm No Angel, starring Mae West and Cary Grant, 1933
I just finished watching this movie - Great one-liners, naturally, from Mae West. Here's the original trailer.


  1. Hi Frau! I found your blog while searching google for information and pix regarding boudoir dolls.
    WOW!! I think I've died and gone to doll heaven! I've read your blog from start to finish (Couldn't stop once I started) and I wanted to tell you that I was enchanted! And I've learned so much. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful babies! They are breathtaking! Vanna

  2. Vanna,

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments. Glad you found my blog worth reading. Now, the challenge is to find more goodies to share.......I'm off to search!



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