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Photo - 1927 - Lady with William Gluckin Boudoir Doll

This photo is marked in back "1927". Unfortunately, the lady's name wasn't written in back, and the photo is in poor condition. But, luckily, it's now digitally "preserved." The boudoir doll at her feet is a Gluckin. Below are other Gluckin dolls, including two faces that are marked "Pat. Pending Wm. Gluckin & Co., Inc. NYC"

Scanned closeup of Gluckin doll in photo - not good quality, but it definitely a Gluckin.

This Gluckin is one of the most unusual ones I've seen with her blue silk floss hair styled in a braided side bun.

Both of these faces, above and below, are marked "Pat. Pending Wm. Gluckin & Co., Inc. NYC"

These Gluckins, above and below, were made into clothes pin/lingerie bags. The one, above, is Spanish-style.


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